Biz X Awards at St. Clair College Centre for the Arts

Celebrating with the theme, “It’s time to get back to business,” decor for the “18th Annual Biz X Awards Gala” was created by Diane Spencler Glover of Designs by Diane. The gala was held at St. Clair College Centre for the Arts on November 20, 2015. Photography by Rod Denis.

Every year the Biz X Awards are presented to companies and individuals in Windsor-Essex and Detroit, recognizing their hard work, dedication and talent.

The Annual Biz X Awards Issue

The Biz X Awards program has been honouring the leading businesses of Windsor and Essex County since 1998 with its creative and exciting selection process. We recognize the cream of the crop for businesses and individuals which are believed to be outstanding in their respective categories. Since inception, Biz X has presented a Biz X Award to 610 winners!

It’s worth it for your business to get involved in Biz X Awards, just ask any of our previous winners! Recipients receive a plaque, an invitation to our black tie party in November, and a write-up in the annual awards issue. More importantly, winners can brag to others that they are number one in their field (which of course gives them an edge over their competition!).

How To Participate Right Now

Since the award categories vary from year to year, we need your suggestions. Major classification headings are Business & Services, Retail, People and Hospitality/Entertainment and approximately 5 categories are included within each every year. Please note no chains or non-profit organizations are allowed to participate, with the only exception being the PEOPLE category.

Send in your suggestions for categories by June 1 (to qualify for the current year) via our Contact Us page and you may see it in the official category list published in the July/August issue unless that category has already been awarded previously.

Sample past categories are Local Food Champion; Best Marina, Authentic Indian Food Shangri-La, The Mobile Biz That’s Going Places, Sensational Stock Broker, and many, many more! For more categories see our list of previous winners below.

Why Get Involved?

Every business owner should participate in the contest and not only send in votes for other businesses, but also for his/her own company!

Here’s a hint to help you get more votes – post a sign in your workplace or shop and tell your customers to vote for you online on this website (during the voting period only), IF THERE IS A CATEGORY FOR YOUR BUSINESS ONLY!

Then you earn bragging rights to tell everyone your company is #1! Remember though this is not a popularity contest (although multiple votes are a goal), it may just take one outstanding vote that puts your business above your competitors.

How The Biz X Awards Voting Process Works

In the July/August issue (digital and print) we release the list of categories available for votes in the magazine which will of course also be posted here on the website as well, so be sure to check back right here every summer!

The categories are also reposted in the September edition.

We rely heavily on our readers to vote for their choices for who should win.

Please be sure that the business/person you vote for is located (or resides) in Windsor or Essex County and is NOT part of a national franchise/chain (except for the people category) or non profit organization.

The people category is being judged on the individual and not the company itself and those working for chains and non-profits are eligible to win here only. All nominees must be over 19. *no media can participate.

Every business in Essex County (with the exceptions above) can win a Biz X Award. All businesses, whether a current Biz X advertiser or not, have equal chance at winning.

Businesses/people are only permitted to win one award each year. Please only vote once per category.

All votes received are then forwarded to our panel of Judges who meet in the Fall to determine the winners. The results are posted in our November/December edition and here online on our website.

Sparky’s Toy Drive and Biz X magazineSparkys-toy-drive

Each year Biz X Awards winners, guests and attendees bring new unwrapped toys and cash donations to support Sparky’s Toy Drive.

Money for Sparky’s Toy Drive is raised through generous financial donations, coat check tips and our annual Gala Raffle featuring thousands of dollars in prizes donated by local area businesses.

Biz X has raised tens of thousands of dollars in toys and cash donations over the years and will continue to help Sparky make sure all children in Windsor Essex have a present under the tree for many years to come.

At the 18th Annual Biz X Awards Gala we raised $8,500 in toys and cash!


18th Annual Biz X Awards Highlights

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Biz X AwardsThe Biz X Awards Gala highlights air exclusively throughout the year on TVCOGECO’s Plugged In.

2015 Biz X 18th Annual Awards Gala.

Premiered Tuesday, January 12, 2016 and is

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