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ON THE COVER —“It’s A Jungle Out There “ — The 23rd Annual Biz X Awards —

Biz X magazine Nov Dec 2020 – 206 nominees, 24 winners, the 23rd annual Awards Tribute and a battle to stay healthy against a world-wide pandemic — physically and economically. “We Are All Survivors” of 2020! On the TV show “Survivor” an “Immunity Idol” is awarded to the winning tribe after an “Immunity Challenge” has taken place. Locally, the “survival instinct” of our nominees kicked in to give them strength to compete for a Biz X Award (shown on the cover). But, who will be the “Sole Survivor” in each category, as decided by our Judging “Tribal Council”? PHOTOGRAPHER: Rod Denis. (

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The 23rd Annual Biz X Awards

The 23rd Annual Biz X Awards Tribute “We Are All Survivors” Each year our award story begins by referencing how …

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