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Biz X Was There – 2017 MCCCU Scholarships

Biz X Was There - 2017 MCCCU Scholarships Presentations

Biz X Was There – 2017 MCCCU Scholarships Presentation – Motor City Community Credit Union Presents $8,000 In Scholarships

Being locally owned and operated means that all decisions are made right here, from approving a loan to introducing a new product or service. Motor City, celebrating almost 80 years as a credit union also benefits from being a part of a national system of credit unions that work cooperatively on the national, provincial and local level to guide members in achieving financial well-being.

Motor City’s 13th Annual General Meeting was held Wednesday June 28 at Water’s Edge Reception Centre. Scholarships named after past board member Ron Bate were presented to the following :

  • Curtis Labutte (missing from pictures)
  • Donika Muriqi
  • Kaylyn Pickering
  • Jewels Adair
  • Andrew Leboeuf
  • Ellie Giromonte
  • Hannah Iacobelli
  • Benjamin Scaria (missing from pictures)

Announcement of the Board of Directors also took place. Returning are:

  • Don Fraser
  • Stephane Boucher
  • Wendy Dupuis
  • Jim Angus
  • Joe Barile
  • Randy Dupuis
  • Sandra Fisher
  • Carl Merton
  • Marc Moore

Photos by Rod Denis – Biz X magazine

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