2020 Biz X Awards

With a “We are all Survivors” award theme, the 2020 Biz X Awards Judges (our jury) vote for who they think deserves to win, from left: Jason Kerluck, Justin Fox, Chad Goulet, Justin Barker, Sabrina DeMarco and Jeremy Renaud. After reviewing the nomination forms, information submitted online by nominees, plus conducting their own research, the Judges met at the isolated location (food, fire and shelter on hand, LOL!) known as Average Joes, 1286 Lauzon Road, Windsor. This “Judgment Night” took place in October 2020 in a private room where discussions occurred on who should be the Sole Survivor in each category (tribe) and the secret voting ballots were collected. Individual Judge photos digitally merged to one group shot by Rod Denis. Photo frame: © Can Stock Photo/dinictis


Thank you to all our readers who participated to help find the best businesses, organizations and biz pros in Windsor, Essex County and Pelee Island.

The 23rd annual Biz X Awards winners have now been revealed with the release of our awards tribute. To see all nominees, winners, view the rules and bios on our Judging panel please turn to page 18 of our Nov/Dec issue.

So what was the selection process? In a nutshell, our panel of Biz X Judges reviewed the nomination information submitted by our readers from nominations in the summer; the results of the voting poll and the company background information submitted online by nominees to make the tough decisions on which 24 companies and individuals would earn the coveted “pillar of success” Biz X Award.

The judging panel consists of local business professionals and industry experts. In addition to the above mentioned in the previous paragraph, Judges also research each nominee at their own discretion before meeting with the entire panel to cast their vote in a secret ballot for the eventual winner of each category. The whole process is top secret and Judges do not know the actual winners until the release of the November/December edition.

As always Biz X is proud of each and every nominee on their success and we wish all businesses and organizations in this year’s award tribute the best of luck for the future!

2021 award categories will be released in the July/August 2021 edition and nominations accepted on: BizXmagazine.com from mid July to early September. Be sure to return to our website during this time to nominate your favourite businesses and people in Windsor, Essex and Pelee Island when it all starts all over again with year 24!

Thank you to The Trophy Boys for supplying the plaques for all the Biz X Awards winners, year after year.


A message from Irek Kuzmierczyk, Member of Parliament for Windsor-Tecumseh to 2020 Biz X Award winners and nominees plus all local business owners surviving during the pandemic.

2020 Biz X Awards MCCCU
2020 Biz X Awards St. Clair College
2020 Biz X Awards Tecumseh Mall

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