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2022 Biz X Award Categories

BUSINESS & SERVICE (*No national chains/non-profits allowed)

*Remember once a business is nominated in one category they cannot be nominated in any others.

1. Outstanding New Business Of 2022 (Businesses that opened from September 1, 2021 to September 1, 2022.) *No restaurants/food trucks or bars can be included as they can participate in the Hospitality & Entertainment Categories.

2. Travel Agency That’s Definitely Going Places (Who to contact for a trip around the world, a vacation to a tropical destination and more.)

3. Paint Pros That Brush To Perfection (Commercial painting contractors and/or house painters who are the best of the brushes and buckets!)

4. Favourite Pump You Up Fitness Club (Focus on available services such as saunas, daycare, juice bar, massage therapy, extended hours etc.)

5. Distinguished Biz Champ Of The Year (A company in operation for over one year that has done something exceptional to take care of business.) *No restaurants/bars or retail shops as they have their own categories. Remember if a business is nominated here they cannot participate in any other category.

6. Architectural Dream Team By Design (Commercial, institutional or residential architect firm.)

7. Meticulous & Marvellous Home Inspection Co. (Consider training, experience, professional affiliations, use of technology like thermal imaging, reputation etc.)


*The business/organization the nominee owns or works for cannot be nominated elsewhere.

8. 2022 Powerhouse Professional (A local business owner or top manager who has what it takes to keep the company/organization they own or work for, profitable in today’s tough times.)

9. Artist Of The Year (For example a singer, painter, musician, sculptor, band, actor.) *No authors or photographers please.

10. Exceptional Social Enterprise (A team of workers at a non-profit organization or registered charity making a big difference in our community.)

11. All-Star #1 Kiddie Coach (A sports coach motivating the young to give it their all whether it be skating, swimming, hockey, soccer or more.)

12. The Therapist Who Really Listens (Mental health is important at all stages of life. For those needing professional help, which counsellor is most effective?)

13. Podcaster Taking It To The Next Level (Think about content; a regular podcast schedule and is he/she a knowledgeable, passionate story teller?) *No media can participate.

RETAIL (*No national chains/non-profits allowed)

*Remember once a business is nominated in one category they cannot be nominated in any others.

14. The Best Little Retail Shop Of 2022 (Open to all retailers with a storefront, good prices, superior customer service and selection.) *No online only retailers please.

15. Top Bakery On The Rise (From bread, cakes, muffins and pies to cookies, doughnuts, scones and more — who has the nicest buns in town?)

16. Spectacular Specs Store (Whether you need eyeglasses to see up close or far away; contact lenses or some cool shades, this vision centre is the clear choice.)

17. A+ Butcher Who MEATS Your Expectations (The Butcher’s Shop or market making the cut with a large selection of fresh meat and/or deli products and friendly counter service.)

18. Happiness Brews With This Coffee Roaster (Where to purchase ground coffee or whole beans to make the perfect cup of java at your workplace or home.)

19. Cannabis Dispensary Held In High Esteem (Consider the knowledge level of staff, variety of products, price, location, hours, store ambience and added perks like delivery). *Must be licenced by AGCO.

HOSPITALITY & ENTERTAINMENT (*No national chains/non-profits allowed; exception only for events #24)

*Remember once a business/organization is nominated in one category they cannot be nominated in any others.

20. Restaurant That’s Hot, Hot, Hot For 2022! (Can be a new or an existing restaurant/food truck that offers amazing cuisine, fair prices and has a unique, trendy atmosphere — take-out/delivery only is also acceptable.)

21. Authentic Indian Food Shangri-La (Dine-in or take-out establishments specializing in tasty Indian dishes.)

22. Greatest Of The Great Outdoors Adventures (Fishing charter, paddle boarding, bike rental, boat cruise, winery tour . . . activities for outside only. All ages.)

23. Fantastic Family Fun & Games (Mini golf, climbing and trampoline facilities, laser tag, bowling, bubble soccer, horseback riding, go karts, arcade/simulation games etc.)

*No parks, museums, city run organizations etc. for #22 and #23, sorry.

24. The Most Wonderful Event Of The Year (Annual runs, golf tournaments, motorcycle rides, charity fundraisers, festivals, fairs, trade shows etc. *EXCEPTION: Non-profits and charities can participate.

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