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10th Annual Hats On For Healthcare

“Hats on for Healthcare Day” is set for March 5. Grab your furry hat, give your co-workers a few laughs at the office and help a charity at the same time!

WERCC Partners with Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation For the 10th Annual Hats On For Healthcare

The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce has announced a partnership with the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation on their 10th Annual Hats On For Healthcare fundraiser.

“This year is our 29th Annual Business Excellence Awards and the 10th Annual Hats On for Healthcare fundraiser so partnering was a unique way to celebrate each other’s success,” – Rakesh Naidu, Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce President & CEO

The Hats On concept is simple. Anyone can participate on March 5, 2019 by wearing a hat to work, school, your service club or at home, then donate a toonie online.

For anyone who donates $10 or more to the Hats On fundraising campaign for digital imagining equipment, they will receive a tax receipt from Windsor Regional Hospital, and a promotional discount on the general admission price to the 2019 Business Excellence Awards, which takes place on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at Caesars Windsor.

Show you care for local healthcare, wear a hat and donate $2. Donate more and receive $15 off the general admission to the Business Excellence Awards.

Support local business and healthcare!

Frozen Chicken Recall in Ontario

No Name® transitions to fully cooked frozen chicken products and recalls all raw, frozen chicken products

BRAMPTON, ON, Feb. 8, 2019 /CNW/ – Understanding the potential risk of illness associated with frozen raw chicken products, moving forward No Name® will introduce only 100% fully cooked frozen chicken nuggets, strips and burgers.

Out of an abundance of caution, the brand is voluntarily recalling all No Name® breaded frozen chicken products.

This recall includes all lot codes, sold on or before February 8, 2019 from the following products:

  • No Name Chicken Nuggets: 907g, 2.0kg, and 3.0kg boxes
  • No Name Chicken Strips: 907g and 2.0kg boxes
  • No Name Chicken Burgers: 1.0kg, 2.0kg, and 3.0kg boxes
  • $10 Chicken Fries: 1.8kg bags

Improper handling and preparation of these and any other raw chicken products could expose consumers to salmonella. According to Health Canada, the risk of contracting salmonella can be avoided if safe food handling, preparation and cooking practices are followed.

These products were sold at the following stores:

Ontario: Fortinos®, Loblaws®, No Frills®, Real Canadian Superstore®, Real Canadian Wholesale Club®, valu-mart®, Your Independent Grocer®, Zehrs®, and affiliated independent stores

Atlantic: Atlantic Superstore®, Cash & Carry®, Dominion®, No Frills®, Your Independent Grocer®, and affiliated independent stores

Québec: Club Entrepot®, Maxi®, Maxi & Cie®, Presto®, Provigo®, Provigo le Marché®, AXEP®, and Intermarché®

West: Extra Foods®, No Frills®, Real Canadian Superstore®, Real Canadian Wholesale Club®, Your Independent Grocer®, and affiliated independent stores

All affected products have been removed from store shelves. Customers can return the product to any store where No Name® products are sold and the customer service desk will provide a full refund.

SOURCE Loblaw Companies Limited

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Ontario Added 41,400 Jobs in January 2019

Ontario Added 41,400 Jobs in January 2019

Government is working for the people to support job creators and workers

Ontario’s Government says it is working for the people to create an environment where businesses can thrive, grow, and create good jobs for the people. Statistics Canada announced this morning, employment in Ontario increased by 41,400 jobs in January. The gains included 34,000 full time positions and 7,300 part time jobs.

“Our government is putting Ontario back on track. We are working hard to make Ontario the best place for businesses to thrive, grow and create good jobs. We are committed to working with job creators to ensure that we have a competitive business landscape that protects workers and creates jobs.” – Todd Smith, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

The Ontario government claims it is fulfilling its promise of making Ontario Open for Business. In the upcoming legislative session, the government will build upon its actions to connect more workers to good, local jobs while encouraging job creation, investment and trade both inside and outside of Canada.

Additionally, the government says efforts to find efficiencies and streamline services by making sure all programs and services are relevant and effective, will help achieve fiscal balance and restore public confidence in Ontario’s finances.

“Ontario is heading in the right direction,” said Smith. “We are making sure there are opportunities for our first-class workforce to compete on a level playing field. That is why we are focused on cutting red tape and keeping our fiscal house in order. Creating good-paying jobs for the hardworking people of Ontario will continue to be my highest priority.”


  • Employment growth occurred in many regions across the province; year-over-year increases include Kitchener-Waterloo-Barrie (6.4 per cent), Kingston-Pembroke (5 per cent) and London (3.9 per cent).
  • In 2018, the government saved $3.2 billion by finding efficiencies without compromising front-line services.
  • The government says it has already reduced the deficit by $0.5 billion through reduced spending. Ontario is projecting a $14.5 billion deficit in 2018-19.
Synergy Day Spa



On Thursday, February 7th, Synergy Day Spa opened its doors to introduce themselves to our community and show us just what they have to offer.

All three owners bring their own dimension of services to the spa so clients can receive a “full on” day. Owner Bienka Jones provides premium services, such as laser hair removal and alternative & holistic health services. Nadalina Francic brings Reiki and Reiki Facials to the table, and Tracey Laforet brings her, top of the line, hair studio, including hair extensions, as a “Tray‘Elle” hairstylist. Many services such as skin tightening, fat reduction and laser hair reduction services are also offered.

Their new spa is located at: 7150 Hawthorne Dr., Suite 106, Windsor.

Photos by Della Jones-Goulet – Biz X magazine

Sheryl Grant

Sheryl Grant – How to Avoid Epic Business & Career Fails

Sheryl Grant Tells You How to Avoid Epic Business & Career Fails

Success Guru Sheryl Grant reveals three Ways a mental ‘road map’ can help you reach work and life goals

For entrepreneur, professional speaker and success coach Sheryl Grant, transformational leadership through personal development and community building is the name of the game. A Ms. Olympia at over the age of 50, Grant clearly knows what it takes to realize over-and-above achievement both in life and in business. Today, through her eponymous company Sheryl Grant Enterprises, this powerhouse is helping CEOs, executives and other entrepreneurs master key areas of their careers and lives overall.

Her secret sauce? Grant taps into a trifecta of neuro-training, physical fitness and increased productivity to unlock personal ambition, revenue potential and self-confidence. Grant urges that success-minded individuals must aspire to be F.I.T., heavily leaning on “Faith, Intuition and Tenacity” to reach their goals.

“F.I.T. cultivates your inner ability to push through any of life’s perceived obstacles, break through barriers and manifest your heart’s dreams and desires. Whether you seek a job promotion, new business endeavor or a healthier body, F.I.T. helps establish a mindset and emotional framework that will nurture, uplift and inspire these and other areas of your life.” – Sheryl Grant

A key aspect of Grant’s various F.I.T. presentations and webinars is a focus on developing mental strength through neuro-training, whereby she offers a variety of tactical techniques related thereto. Below, Grant offers insight on some of her mind-bolstering methodologies that, as she explains, can help us cultivate a greater awareness of who we are, develop a road map of where we need and want to go, and conceptualize how we intend to get there:

Start a Dialogue with Yourself. Begin by asking yourself some basic questions: Who are you? What are you good at? What do people yo care about see in you? When have you felt the most alive? What can you learn from others who have a strong purpose and who are inspirational to you? Ultimately, living with purpose means focusing on what matters most to you. And following the money and following your heart don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There’s not much mystery as to why most people work: to earn money. However, there are a lot of ways to pay the bills. The “why” refers to the underlying, personal reasons you are choosing a particular business and what you are trying to accomplish. Knowing where you are going and, as importantly, why it will inform and strengthen both your personal and career identities and help you reach your goals quicker. Such self-awareness also fosters drive, confidence and self-esteem that can transform you into an unstoppable force—giving you the strength to persist … even through failure and adversity. You’ll likely be happier, too, and an inspiration to those around you.

Identify ALL of Your Inner Strengths. When people are living in their “sweet spot,” they are more productive and naturally add value to the world around them. Accordingly, this “mode” is when people also tend to make more money! What are the things you’ve always been good at? What motivates and inspires you? Perhaps it’s things that come naturally to you, to the point that you wonder why others struggle in the same area? While passion can also certainly blossom from areas in which you aren’t naturally talented, Grant’s personal and professional experiences have shown that we rarely aspire toward ambitions for which we have no natural talent to achieve. As civil rights leader Howard Thurman once wrote, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive, then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Indeed they do.

Know Where You Add Value. Doing work that you’re good at, but which holds no passion for you, is not a pathway to fulfilment. When we know our greatest strengths and where we as individuals can add the most value, we can better focus on the opportunities, roles and career paths in areas where success will likely occur. These are usually the same avenues where a person finds the greatest sense of accomplishment and contribution. All too often we undervalue our strengths, skills and the expertise that we naturally acquire over time. A great way to discover this for ourselves is to discern what we’re equipped to help solve in the workplace, career, organization or industry. Also, uncovering what problems we enjoy solving, and what problems we feel passionate about attempting to solve. The answers to these questions can help people focus and develop a much clearer series of intentions that are based on natural strengths, and those tasks one innately excels at, rather than trying to bolster or eliminate weaknesses.

Through overcoming personal challenges in multiple areas in her life spearheaded by employing the strategies above, Grant says she quickly learned that her biggest difficulty was not the obstacles in front of her, but rather the lack of belief and trust in herself. By her shifting from a focus on fear and limitations to a focus on empowerment fueled by faith, intuition and tenacity (F.I.T.), she reached greater heights than ever before … and continues to do so.

In summarizing the above, Grant also conveyed her belief that, ultimately, unlocking one’s inner presence makes leaders the best business people and human beings that they can be. Grant suffered in her own life until she established, and wholeheartedly practiced, her F.I.T. philosophy. In doing so, she not only realized extreme changes, but also actually enjoyed the process … and the people around her enjoyed her more as well.