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Biz X Awards Nomination Rules

Biz X Awards Nomination Rules

Since 1998, each year the Biz X Awards are presented to companies and individuals in Windsor and Essex County, recognizing their hard work, dedication and talent.

The mission of our annual awards edition is to honour the cream of the crop Windsor Essex has to offer and that begins with the business owners and people (the nominees) who have weathered so many unexpected storms (flooding, high gas/energy, minimum wage increases etc.) to make sure their business survives for many years.

We recognize leading businesses/organizations and individuals which are believed to be outstanding in their respective categories. Since inception, over 700 local recipients in all kinds of industries and occupations have received a Biz X Award.

It’s worth it for your business to get involved in the Biz X Awards program, just ask any of our previous winners! Recipients receive a plaque, an invitation to our black tie party in November, and a write-up in the annual awards issue. More importantly, winners can brag to others that they are number one in their field (which of course gives them an edge over their competition!).

Which businesses and people will receive the Biz X Award —the “pillars of success” — this year?

How The Biz X Awards Process Works

In the July/August issue and September issues (digital and print) the list of categories available for nominations are published in the magazine and on our website.

There are seven staple categories awarded every year — “Outstanding New Business,” “Distinguished Biz Champ Of The Year,” “Powerhouse Professional,” “Artist of the Year,” “Best Little Retail Shop,” “Restaurant That’s Hot, Hot, Hot” and “The Most Wonderful Event Of The Year.”

Readers can nominate the businesses and people in Windsor Essex who they believe are the best in each category and deserve to be recognized. While the majority of nominations and votes come from Essex County residents, U.S. citizens and those living outside Essex County can nominate or vote in any category, since they could be patrons of the business.

Please follow the rules below to ensure that your Biz X Awards nomination counts.

  1. Only nominate one company/person per award category. Businesses/people are only permitted to win one award each year. All nominees must be over 19 years of age.
  2. Be certain that the company or individual you are nominating fits with the category’s criteria.
  3. The business/person you nominate must be located (or reside) in Windsor or Essex County and not be part of a national franchise/chain or non-profit organization (except for categories in the PEOPLE section and category #22). The PEOPLE section (#8 to #13) is judged on the individual and not the company itself and those working for chains/franchises and non-profits are eligible to participate only in this section. An exception for category #22 is also allowed as many national organizations have local chapters hosting events.
  4. Every business in Essex County (with the exceptions above) has the opportunity to win a Biz X Award. *However: no media outlets or representatives can participate in any of the categories. You do not have to be an advertiser with the magazine to be nominated or to win. Judges are not told who is an advertiser (past or present) to ensure there are no biases or conflicts of interest.

Nominees are made public on the Biz X website when voting commences for a two week period in September.

During the voting period you can go online and cast your vote for your choice to win the Biz X Award in its respective category. You can also vote using your smart phone or tablet via our mobile friendly voting site.

Remember that vote tallies are only a portion of the overall selection process. All nomination forms received, along with company background information supplied and voting poll results, are then reviewed by the Biz X panel of Judges after the polls close.

The next step involves the Judges meeting in the fall to determine the final winners. The Judges do not know the winners’ names as voting during this meeting is done by secret ballot. The final results are posted in the November/December edition of Biz X magazine, released mid-November.

Charity Recipient: Sparky’s Toy Drive

Each year Biz X Award winners, guests and attendees bring new unwrapped toys and cash donations to support Sparky’s Toy Drive.

Money for Sparky’s Toy Drive is raised through generous financial donations, coat check tips and our annual Gala Raffle featuring thousands of dollars in prizes donated by local area businesses.

Biz X has raised tens of thousands of dollars in toys and cash donations over the years and will continue to help Sparky make sure all children in Windsor Essex have a present under the tree for many years to come.


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