Demographics – Who, What, Where, When, Why and How People Read Biz X magazine

Demographics of Biz X magazine are as follows:


  • 41% are Men, 59% are Women
  • 72% are over 35; 35 to 44 years of age (38%) is the largest category
  • 81% have some College/University education or have a degree
  • 40% earn over $75,000 per year
  • 66% are either the President/Owner of a company, or hold a top management position


  • 95% have seen more than one issue, 80% have seen all or most of the previous issues


  • 32% are professionals/manufacturing executives
  • 39% are employed by the retail or service sectors
  • 89% work in companies with 1 to 50 employees
  • 62% make the purchasing decisions for their company and 66% have an annual budget of over $20,000 for business purchases


  • 40% spend over 20 minutes reading Biz X every month, 90% spend 10 minutes or more.


  • 86% rate Biz X as “good” or “great” overall


  • 81% receive a copy of Biz X through Canada Post, the rest is made up of private subscriptions, newsstand sales, and individuals reading the magazine in professional offices

What people are saying about Biz X magazine

“I read it front to back!”
(L.L., Windsor)

“Glossy layout is impressive!”
(D.W., Essex County)

“There is no other magazine of your calibre!”
(A.B., Windsor)

“Very appealling both in content and appearance. The Biz X awards are the best! Anything happening in this area, it’s in there. Great read!”
(R.T., Detroit)

“Specialty business magazines like Biz X are a valuable addition to your marketing plan if your customers are other businesses, or even if you sell directly to consumers. Getting the attention of your customer when they are reading a specialty magazine is easier than using mass media, which gives you too much spill. Make sure your message is what your customers want to hear, that your ad is big enough to tell a story so you can develop a relationship with your customer and place it where your customer is willing to engage with it. Biz X is a good choice.” – Wendy Moore-MacQueen, author of Muddled, meager and messy – Marketing performance repair manual for small business.

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