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Mega Hospital site litigation

At a 12 noon media conference at Windsor Regional Hospital’s Met Campus on Thursday, a significant announcement was made regarding recent litigation on the new hospital site selection process.

In attendance was David Musyj, President and CEO, Windsor Regional Hospital, Bob Renaud, Chair of Site Selection Committee, Dave Cooke, Co-Chair of Planning and Services.

Musyj announced that a significant part of the recently filed $10 million lawsuit has been withdrawn by GEM Properties Inc. against Windsor Regional Hospital and Michael and Mary Jane O’Keefe, whose property on County Road 42 at Concession 9 was selected for the future acute care hospital site.

GEM is the group of property owners north of the east Windsor Home Depot who placed second in the acute hospital site selection process. They have been critical of the site selection process.

Musyj indicated that the ‘interlocutory injunction’ part of the lawsuit that has been withdrawn could have seen the purchase of the O’Keefe property on County Road 42 at Concession 9 stalled in the courts for months, or possibly even much longer if appeals were brought forth on the court’s disposition.

This could have irreparably damaged Windsor Essex’s movement from step 1 a & b to step 2 in the selection process for the new healthcare system claimed Musyj. In addition to removing the injunction, the O’Keefe’s were also removed from the ongoing lawsuit which continues seeking monetary damages.

“We now have a clear path forward to stage two in this process”- David Musyj

Musyj beamed with relief as he was only first apprised of this unexpected decision late last night. He also expressed sincere gratitude to the GEM Group for their decision and action, underscoring that they did not want to jeopardize the future of the new acute care hospital site in Windsor Essex.

Musyj cautioned that though this was good news today, so much more work needs to be accomplished in moving this project forward.

#WEareready, introduced earlier in the week at a meeting of civic and community leaders and political representatives, has had a very powerful affect already in the community according to Musyj. He claims the silent majority is becoming the vocal majority in their support of the proposed new healthcare system.

One local business, Advanced Business Systems, has placed the #WEareready message on the electronic message board in front of their business. Musyj urges all residents to continue showing their support for this project by using this #WEareready on signs and on social media wherever they can.

Joe talks to David Musyj, President and CEO, Windsor Regional Hospital.

Story, photo and interview by Joe McParland

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