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Michael Difazio Wins FedEx Contest

Michael Difazio

Michael Difazio Wins $5,000 In FedEx Contest

Michael Difazio, owner of Michael Difazio Reclaim Artistry, has transformed his passion for art and sustainability into a business. He builds furniture and art pieces out of salvaged and old materials that no longer serve their intended purpose. His efforts earned his business $5,000 in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest.

“Recycling has always been very important to me,” said Difazio. “As I got older and started a career in woodworking, I found a way to bring those two passions together through reclaim artistry.”

Difazio has saved tons of materials from landfills and the pieces he makes are more than just simple furniture– they have a past and a story to tell. Giving new life to the materials, his work is often the conversation starter. In fact, his favourite furniture to build are dining room tables and big table tops – statement pieces where families eat and connect.

Difazio wants to expand his reach and increase the desirability for quality, handmade products that are environmentally responsible and have a unique history. “This grant will allow us to take bolder steps to ensure that our reach is both wide and impactful. We hope to collaborate more with local businesses and artists, giving power to makers in our communities,” said Difazio.

Check out some of Michael’s work on Michael Difazio Reclaim Artistry’s website.

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