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A Party With Mr. Kindness & Friends

I am sending you and invitation to a party. This is not your everyday “KIND” of party. It is happiness personified and let’s just say it one of a “KIND.”

That’s right; you are invited to the KINDNESS PARTY.

I PROMISE you are going to have one of the best days of your life

When you come by, you will see little rocks stacked in a basket inside, and there will be positive words that will flood your mind with positivity.

So, who is going to be there?

Mr. Accepted

Mr. Accepted will welcome you with open arms. He will not judge you and would want to get to know you better. He will like you for who you are and will be very friendly. He will not turn you away or disapprove of you. He sees you as a human being and that is enough for him to accept you. He wants you to realize that you are seen.

Mrs. Empathy

Oh, she is wonderful. She knows that you have not had an easy life and she will be there for you and totally understand how you are feeling. She puts herself in your shoes, which is why she can easily connect with you on a deeper level.

Mr. Motivator

He will be there to encourage you every step of the way. He will not give up on you and he wants to see you succeed, be happy, and do well. He will boost you up and give you an inspiring pep talk that will inspire you to change your life. NEVER GIVE UP are his favourite words and you can expect to hear that from him.

Mr. Fun

He is definitely the life of the party. Mr. Fun wants you to enjoy your life and never take it too seriously. He wants you to know that life is worth living and it can be beautiful when you see that the world is not as bad as it looks sometimes.

Mrs. Freedom

She wants to let you know that you are on this earth to live the way you want, be who you want, and get what you want, so long as you are doing the right things. Mrs. Freedom tells you that there is absolutely nothing that should have the power to take away your power. She wants you to know that you have choices. There is absolutely nothing and no one that can stop you. Your thoughts come and go, but you can choose to let go. You have the choices to walk out that door and take the positive actions you need to make your life magical.

Mr. Hope

Mr. Hope wants you to know that he exists. You may not think it and you may not feel it. But believe it, that he is real. He may not be seen at the party, but he is there with bright lights surrounding. And when people see those lights of Mr. Hope, there will be no darkness. Time to conquer your demons and so the darkness will exit, and the light of Mr. Hope will set you free.

Mr. Happiness

Oh yes, Mr. Happiness loves you. Nothing will make him happier than to see you live a beautiful and fulfilling life. Your happiness is his happiness. You can find Mr. Happiness, but he wants you to let go of the negative past and focus on the positive present, for a better future ahead.

Mr. Happiness will carry you away from Mr. Negativity (who is definitely not invited to the party) and make you realize that this life is not meant for you to be sad and hurt, but to do what makes your heart smile and be with the ones who make you feel loved. But, he also wants you to learn to love and appreciate yourself first.

Mrs. Peace

She is awesome. She will help you release all the noises and clutter in your mind that need to let go. She will help you release and declutter your negative thoughts and replace them with more useful thoughts so can finally be free.

Mrs. Love

She loves you today, tomorrow, and every day, unconditionally. Her love is sincere, genuine, and full of kindness. She wants to let you know how loved you are in this world and wants to spread the positive loving energy on to you. No matter what has happened to you in your life, from the good and the bad, it will NEVER change the fact that you are more loved and appreciated than you will ever know. She wants you to believe the truth that you are loved, lovable, and adored.

Mr. Present

He wants you to know that today is the day you should focus on right, here and now. He wants you to know the past is over and the future is not as scary as you think. He wants you to work hard today so you can see how your future will turn out in the end. Just focus on Mr. Present and make a little progress, so it will add up each day. Focus on one task, one progress, and one action at a time. This way, it will all add up each day. And each day you will make significant growth.

Mr. You Matter

You have always mattered, says Mr. Matter. Since the day your mother held you in her arms, till the day God takes you home. You will always have importance, value, and worth. You are fine just the way you are and you never need to apologize for being who you are.

God created a beautiful soul.

Never let people tell you any different. If they do, Mr. Matter wants you to know, they are probably the ones who feel very low about themselves. It doesn’t matter about the colour of your skin, your religion, or your job title, Mr. Matter will reassure you that you belong and you are enough.

These are just some of the very positive people you are going to meet at the party.

So Danny, will Mr. Kindness be there too? You better believe I will be there!

God bless you never give up.

Sincerely, Danny Gautama (The Fighter)

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