World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2020

On June 15, 2020, let’s recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day with renewed conviction and energy, uproot elder abuse and plant a seed for change.

Since WEAAD’s inception, communities across the globe have used the day to raise the visibility of elder abuse, by sharing information and promoting resources and services that increase seniors’ safety and wellbeing.

The current pandemic may have disrupted our way of life and altered FSWE’s WEAAD plans, but here is something we can all do safely in our own homes. Plant something in our gardens and on our windowsills. Make it a neighbourhood planting ceremony, or a family activity, by using a video call or hosting a Zoom gardening session! Wear purple at work or in a Zoom meeting! Trees and plants have a healing quality that positively affect our communities, our world and us.

You too can support World Elder Abuse Awareness Day:
• Share FSWE’s posts leading up to World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15th
• Use #UprootElderAbuse and tag @FSWE @CPNEA @ElderAbuseOnt in your posts
• Tag/tell your contacts/followers why you support the campaign. Invite them to support it too
• Wear Purple on June 15th
• Take a take a photo/video and post it to social media
• Share, have fun & post for a great cause!