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You need to advertise with Biz X magazine! We are the must-read business and people publication targeting business professionals in Windsor/Essex County, Pelee Island and the Chatham Kent region.

The magazine’s provocative content entices readers to pick it up above all other competitors. We pride ourselves on being editorially superior to our competition.

Therefore, by offering exciting and informative content, we ensure that our readers don’t want to miss an issue. Biz X proves you can judge a book by its cover.

To advertise with Biz X magazine is definitely a sound investment for any business attempting to tap into the marketplace and increase sales.

As a result, by placing your ad in a popular magazine like Biz X, your business and its message receives the attention it deserves.

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Our Secret Weapon Is Our Content

Once you read an issue, you’ll be addicted! Here’s just a sample of the columns on the pages of Biz X magazine.

Feature stories

Each issue explores a topic (the list of possibilities is endless) in great detail… it may be lifestyle, investigative or controversial. Other publications may be afraid to tackle negative issues, but we strive to give a realistic perspective of what is really going on in the economy and always try to offer solutions to help businesses overcome the obstacles.

Biz X magazine – One of the ways WETech Alliance President and CEO, Yvonne Pilon keeps up to date with the latest local business news!

Front Lines

Newsworthy events concerning important people, businesses and ideas.


A popular “good news” column about your business! Content consists of new businesses, staff promotions, expansions, additional services, awards, changes in location and more!

Biz X Was There and Hot Shots

These photo pages about events in Windsor and Essex County is often the reader’s favourite pick! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this photographic essay portrays all the great parties, business openings, festivals, charity galas and more!

The Parenting Biz 

Feature stories on businesses/organizations who cater to children plus all kinds of fun events, things to do and places to visit for parents and their kids. We aim to help families find the best businesses in the area to help the young grow up to be the leaders of the future. And of course provide some great entertainment options to give everyone more quality family time together.

Biz Of The Month

May always be at the back of the book, but going by the old adage, we save the best for last! This column operates as a forum for outstanding businesses in the community to explain their success story.

Plus we have professional columns as guest articles by biz pros in certain industries; residential home tips (Ask The Experts); restaurants, caterers and more (Food For Thought); women in business (XX Files), hospitality (Belle Vivante) and remembering the past of our region (The Way It Is)

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