Since the release of summer and September issues of Biz X, and on our website, readers of the magazine have had two months to nominate the businesses and people in Windsor Essex who they believe are the best of the best in 24 categories.

Nominees will now be made public here as voting commences at noon on September 16 and continues through to September 25 with a 5 p.m. deadline.

During the voting period you can cast your vote for your choice to win the 2020 Biz X Award in each respective category. You can also vote using your smart phone or tablet via our mobile friendly voting site.

You can vote once per category per IP address only. ONCE YOU HAVE VOTED ONCE IN A CATEGORY THE LIST OF NOMINEES WILL NO LONGER SHOW FOR YOU. However, you can vote in all categories if you like, or just one! It is totally confidential so no one sees who you vote for.

Please be sure to answer the anti-spam question to ensure you are not a robot.

If you are a nominee keep in mind this is not a popularity contest — only one nomination was needed to be in the poll and vote tallies are only a portion of the overall selection process (which includes what nominators wrote about the nominee; background information sent in by the nominee; voting poll results and what the Biz X Award Judges consider important in his/her own opinion). Double nominees can only win in one category even though they may have the highest number of votes in the categories they are in.

All nominations received, along with the company background information nominees supplied plus a summary of the voting poll results are then reviewed by the Biz X panel of Judges after the polls close.

The panel of Biz X Judges meet in the fall to determine the final winners by secret ballot. The Judges do not know who has actually won until the release of the November/December edition.

*Publisher’s Note: Since some nominees did not return the required information we requested BEFORE the voting poll information was assembled there may be changes made to the business/organization and individual names or addresses in the official nominee listings in the November/December awards issue compared to what is viewed in the voting poll. The listings are assembled from information submitted by nominees.

Are you ready to help us find the #1 businesses and biz pros in Windsor Essex?

Click on the links below for each category to access each category and vote here now!

BUSINESS & SERVICE (*no chains/non-profits allowed)

1. “Outstanding New Business Of 2020” (Businesses that opened from September 1, 2019 to September 1, 2020) *No restaurants/food trucks or bars can be included as they can participate in the Hospitality & Entertainment Categories.

2. “Charged Up Electrical Expert” (The electrical firm to hire for big or small commercial, industrial or residential jobs.)

3. “X Marks The Spot With This Leading Notary Public” (Criteria may include: qualifications, experience, fees, specialties, quick delivery of services.)

4. “Online Digital Masters” (Who to hire to get you set up on the world wide web to sell your products or services; check fees, referrals, past websites designed.)

5. “Distinguished Biz Champ Of The Year” (A company in operation for over one year that has done something exceptional to take care of business.) *No restaurants/bars or retail shops please as they have their own categories.

6. “The Smart Money Is On These Accountants” (An accounting firm that helps you grow during the pandemic, handles your books and tax returns and gives good advice in all stages of your business.)

7. “Company That Moves Mountains 4 U” (Whether it is down the street or across the country, the moving company to trust with reasonable rates, insurance, positive reviews etc. to make the move as smooth as possible.)


8. “2020 Powerhouse Professional” (A local business owner or top manager who has what it takes to keep the company/organization they own or work for profitable in today’s tough times.)

9. “Artist Of The Year” (Singer, painter, musician, sculptors, bands, actors.) *No authors or photographers please.

10. “Mortgage Rep Looking Out For Your Best Interest” (An individual, employed by a bank, credit union, or private mortgage agency, who works hard to get you the best rate, terms and conditions possible.)

11. “The Most Honest Auto Salesperson” (A new/used car salesperson you can trust who offers a fair price for your vehicle and/or won’t sell you a “lemon”!)

12. “The Caring Pharmacist Constantly Prescribed” (Dealing with viruses is now a constant concern for us all. Factors can include; a Pharmacist who is interested in your health, makes recommendations and offers other services such as immunizations, delivery service etc.)

13. “#1 Wedding Photographer Always In Focus” (Consider style, personality, value for money, experience.)

RETAIL (*no chains/non-profits allowed)

14. “The Best Little Retail Shop Of 2020” (Open to all retailers with good prices, fantastic customer service and selection.) *They must have a storefront, no on-line only businesses please and if a specific category is listed for their type of business they can only participate in that category.

*Nominees in #15 to #19 cannot participate in #14.

15. “Premiere PPE Place” (The business you turn to for cleaning and disinfectant products or Personal Protection Equipment like masks and gloves.)

16. “Wonderful Window Display” (A business selling quality, affordable windows that completes the job on time.)

17. “Pedal Power Palace” (Where to buy the first bike for your child or if you plan to take up cycling for fun or racing, that has a large inventory or even sells Ebikes!)

18. “Forever In Blue Jeans Heaven” (The place that makes a fashion statement with stylish and comfy jeans for women or men or both.)

19. “Coolest Kids Clothes” (From infants to teens and all ages in between, a children’s shop with a large selection, fair prices and friendly staff.)

HOSPITALITY & ENTERTAINMENT (*no chains/non-profits allowed)

20. “Restaurant That’s Hot, Hot, Hot For 2020!” (Can be a new or an existing restaurant/food truck that offers exceptional cuisine, fair prices and has a unique, trendy atmosphere — patio dining acceptable.)

21. “The Greek God Of Grub” (Diner, grill or restaurant to pick up a mouth watering gyro or enjoy your favourite Greek dish.)*Cannot also participate in category #20.

22. “Sparkling Winery” (Good wine is a must, but added perks like a restaurant on site, event facility and tasting tours can be considered.)

23. “Extraordinary Event Caterer” (The company to count on to ensure your private office or home party features fabulous food and a top notch presentation.) *Offsite caterers only please

24. “Favourite Home Away From Home” (A quaint, affordable place to stay overnight such as a B&B or cottage.) *No hotels/motels or campgrounds.


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