Original Guys Pizza (OGs) & Spicy Veggie Quinoa Bowl

Original Guys Pizza (OGs)

Cooking With Hope – Original Guys Pizza (OGs) & Spicy Veggie Quinoa Bowl

On May 1, 2020 Original Guys Pizza opened up here in our community. Two brothers Domingos and Sergio Braga and their life-long friend Jason Bluhm have all worked together since they were 10 years old. In the mid-eighties when they were all around the age of 15, they all started to make pizza together at a local restaurant in Kingsville, Ontario.

They enjoyed their job so much that making pizza became a spark to their interest. All three boys followed their passions into the pizza business. Starting from making the pizzas, to becoming delivery boys, then working their way to ownership at the ages of 21 and 22, which lead to where they are now.

Almost 30 years later, they continue to provide the community with top quality service to all of their community members and neighbours that they grew up with.

Their original pizza sauce is made from all locally grown tomatoes and ingredients, and their toppings are always local and grown in Essex County.

Original Guys Pizza (OGs)
Original Guys Pizza is open seven days a week for your pizza cravings.

OG’s pizza pies are tailored to each customers preference with an endless variety of topping options to serve and satisfy each customers’ taste buds.

Offering Baby sized to King size pizzas, panzerotti, garlic bread, French fries, poutine, subs and more!

Original Guys are aware of dietary restrictions for all individuals from gluten free to vegan. As a result, they offer their cauliflower crust, vegan pizza dough and vegan cheese! Some other new gourmet toppings they are offering as well are artichokes, broccoli, sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil.

They are currently taking all safety precautions during the COVID-19 shutdowns and are offering curb side service and free in town delivery at this time.

Serving you proudly seven days a week at all four locations including Leamington, Wheatley, Harrow and Kingsville their hours of service are: Monday to Wednesday 4 p.m. to 12 a.m.; Thursday and Sunday 3 p.m. to 12 a.m. and Friday and Saturday 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.!

If you are looking for another yet awesome place to support local, OG is calling! Find them on Facebook or on their website. Follow them on Instagram @ogpizza.ca as well!

Now to part two of my weekly blog, let’s get cooking!

I have been all about spicy foods the last little bit. Let’s just say that Red Pepper flakes and hot sauce have become my close friend the last few weeks here at home…

This spicy veggie quinoa bowl is perfect for my spicy food lovers, and even those who aren’t a big fan of spice. This recipes sauce is what makes it spicy! If you aren’t the biggest fan of spice, you may alter the recipe and leave out the spice.

This recipe is very flexible, as I share no exact measurements for your bowl. I suggest you cook a bit extra quinoa to store it in the fridge for lunches and cut up a bit of extra veggies too. They are perfect for snacking! It is a great recipe that provides you with your grains, protein and vegetables in one meal . . . Add your grain base, and your favourite toppings. So. Much. YUM.

Everyone at home will love this spicy veggie quinoa bowl. Customizable for everyone!

You Will Need . .

For The Bowl . . .
Quinoa, cooked
Black beans
Cherry tomatoes
Green onions
Red peppers
Pine nuts
Sunflower seeds

For The Sauce . . .
1 tablespoon vegan mayo
1 tablespoon any hot sauce
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon Cajun
¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes
1 pinch of salt

How To Prepare
1. Cook your desired amount of quinoa following the instructions provided on the box.
2. While your quinoa is cooking, wash and cut up your vegetables to add to your bowl.
3. Once your quinoa is finished, add it to your bowl as your base and add all of your toppings.
4. In a small bowl, mix together all of your ingredients for your sauce and combine.
5. Scoop your sauce creation to your bowl, mix it all together and enjoy!

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