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Whisky Tasting at The Keg…YUMMY!

Whisky tasting at The Keg

In celebration of Father’s Day, the Keg – Steakhouse and Bar on Riverside Drive, and Corby Spirit and Wine, toasted dad by hosting a whisky tasting featuring Master Blender at Hiram Walker and Sons Distillery, Don Livermore.

Don Livermore, Phd. Master Blender for Hiram Walker, with Dino Ceccucci, District Sales Manager for Corby Spirits & Wines.

The whisky tasting was conducted by Dr. Livermore, he is just one of two master blenders in the world with a PhD in brewing and distillery. He has spent several years researching which has earned him a reputation as a world renowned expert in the distilling industry.

More than 40 guests took part in this event in the newly renovated downtown Keg. Just five steps into this newly refurbished space I was struck with the ‘wow’ factor of their $1.8 million makeover. Floor space has been increased, the floor and ceiling has been replaced and the existing bar has been lengthened, and an additional service bar added. The decor has been enhanced with $60,000 worth of original art on display.

In the bar area guests were treated to a Welcome Cocktail – the Keg’s ‘New York Sour’ consisting of Lot Number 40 whisky with fresh lemon and lime juice, simple syrup, and finished with a red wine float. What a perfect cocktail for a very hot and humid June afternoon.

We then were ushered into a private and intimate room where a three course meal was served complemented by whiskeys and wines paired to the courses. For starters, we were served Mushrooms Neptune stuffed with crab meat and cream cheese, along with Scallops & Bacon served with a zesty martini cocktail sauce. This was paired with JP Wiser’s 18-year-old Canadian Whisky a medium gold amber with a caramel, orange peel and spice aroma. It is a medium bodied whisky with the silky texture and a smooth finish.

The Keg’s Teriyaki Sirloin with Asiago Rice

The entrée was a Keg favorite, Teriyaki Sirloin with Asiago Rice. This was paired with Gooderham & Worts Canadian Whisky with floral in stone fruit flavors and a medium length spicy finish.

And to round off this amazing meal we were treated to a Brownie Sundae that consisted of two very large brownies with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream topped with a maraschino cherry. Accompanying this was JP Wiser’s Last Barrels Canadian Whiskey consisting of the last batch of whiskeys that have been maturing in oak barrels since 2001, whiskeys which will never be produced again they are bold deep and truly the last of its kind.

Throughout the various courses we were provided expert commentary by Dr. Don about the types of whiskies we were enjoying. Dino Ceccucci, District Sales Manager for Corby Spirits and Wines, was our guide for better understanding the wines that were served.

I left this meal and whisky tasting not only gastronomically satisfied, but with a greater appreciation for the importance of Hiram Walker in Windsor as a world-class Distillery that employs many people within our city. And their roots in our community are deep and long. Hiram Walker, and Gooderham and Warts were two of Canada’s highest taxpayers contributing to our nation’s infrastructure, hospitals, schools, etc., even before Canadian citizens began remitting personal income tax in 1917.

Photos and consumption by Joe McParland

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