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Photojournalism – Capturing Life at its Rarest Form

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Photojournalism – Capturing Life at its Rarest Form, Raw and Intricate

As a journalist, it is best to be versatile and always be open to new forms of journalism such as photojournalism. Since starting my photography class, I have been playing around with Photoshop, different lighting, as well as taking pictures of landscapes and people.

I have taken a basic interest in taking pictures of flowers, the quality of the photo just shines through without even having to Photoshop the image. The raw image of a photo appears to me as if I am still looking at the image through my own eyes rather than a lens.



I believe natural photos of people represent the best qualities within their characters.

I never ask my models to pose a certain way or be someone they’re not, the raw smiles and fine details like their dimples and the random stray hairs is what make up the piece of art.



Certain photos need more depth to capture the main focus of a picture. The jagged rocks against the poles, the way the blurring of the photo focuses on mainly the background as the pole and rocks are in focus and more visible.



Animal pictures are always a catch. I believe animals are natural models, always in the perfect position to take a picture and capture the moment. This is Casper, my friend’s cat who is my favourite model due to his patterns of black and white and the mixture of fur that catches the light.

I love how you can see every detail from his whiskers, the indentations around his nose, and the way his fur spread out around his eyes.


I have discovered a new passion in photography and as I start to take more and more pictures along my travels, I am gaining more experiences and opportunities to showcase my talents. I am excited to continue photography and explore this new found passion further.

Photos by Chelsea Girard