2018 Biz X Awards Vote Now21st ANNUAL 2018 BIZ X AWARDS VOTING HAS NOW BEGUN!

Since the release of summer and September issues of Biz X, and on our website, readers of the magazine have had two months to nominate the businesses and people in Windsor Essex who they believe are the best of the best in 24 categories of the 2018 Biz X Awards.

Nominees will now be made public here as voting commences at noon on September 13 and continues through to September 27 with a 5 p.m. deadline.

During the voting period you can cast your vote for your choice in each respective category of the the 2018 Biz X Awards  You can also vote using your smart phone or tablet via our mobile friendly voting site.

You can vote once per category per IP address only. ONCE YOU HAVE VOTED ONCE IN A CATEGORY THE LIST OF NOMINEES WILL NO LONGER SHOW FOR YOU. However, you can vote in all categories if you like, or just one! It is totally confidential so no one sees who you vote for.

Please be sure to answer the anti-spam question to ensure you are not a robot.

If you are a nominee keep in mind this is not a popularity contest — only one nomination was needed to be in the poll and vote tallies are only a portion of the overall selection process (which includes what nominators wrote about the nominee; background information sent in by the nominee; voting poll results and what the 2018 Biz X Awards Judges consider important in his/her own opinion). Double/triple nominees can only win in one category even though they may have the highest number of votes in the categories they are in.

All nominations received, along with the company background information nominees supplied plus a summary of the voting poll results are then reviewed by the Biz X panel of Judges after the polls close.

The panel of Biz X Judges meet in the fall to determine the final winners by secret ballot. The Judges do not know who has actually won until the release of the November/December edition.

You can vote once per category, per IP address only. ONCE YOU HAVE VOTED ONCE IN A CATEGORY THE LIST OF NOMINEES WILL NO LONGER APPEAR. However, you can vote in all categories if you like, or just one!

*Publisher’s Note: Since some nominees did not return the required information we requested by email BEFORE the voting poll information was assembled there may be changes made to the business and individual names or addresses in the official nominee listings in the November/December awards issue compared to what is viewed in the voting poll. The listings are assembled from information submitted by nominators.

Are you ready to help us find the #1 businesses and biz pros in Windsor Essex?

Click on the links below for each category to vote now in the 2018 Biz X Awards!

2018 Biz X Award Categories

To cast your vote, click on a link below and you will be taken to the page containing all the nominees for that category with specific criteria you should consider when casting your vote in that category. You can only cast one vote per category. Once you cast your vote you will be redirected back to this page to vote in other categories.


1. “Outstanding New Business Of 2018” (vote now)

2. “Dance Studio That’s One Step Ahead” (vote now)

3. “Dependable Day Care” (vote now)

4. “Tried & Tested Expert Emissions Facility” (vote now)

5. “Super Roofer” (vote now)

6. “Recording Studio That Sounds Like A Winner” (vote now)

7. “Money Masters” (vote now)


8. “2018 Powerhouse Professional” (vote now)

9. “Artist Of The Year” (vote now)

10. “The Chiropractor Who Has Your Back” (vote now)

11. “All-Star Coach” (vote now)

12. “The Clothing Designer Who Always Makes A Fashion Statement” (vote now)

13. “Dog Trainer Who’s Here To Stay. Stay.” (vote now)


14. “The Best Little Retail Shop Of 2018” (vote now)

15. “Finest Flower Shop To Pick” (vote now)

16. “Landscape Supply Outlet Which Leaves No Stone Unturned” (vote now)

17. “Steady Streaming Service” (vote now)

18. “Home Healthcare Showroom That Sets The Wheels In Motion” (vote now)

19. “Already Ready Meals Fit For A King” (vote now)


20. “Restaurant That’s Hot, Hot, Hot For 2018!” (vote now)

21. “Best Seats For Outdoor Eats” (vote now)

22. “The Most Wonderful Event Of The Year” (vote now)

23. “Show Stopper Theatre Co.” (vote now)

24. “Burgers To Flip Over” (vote now)

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Highlights from the 20th Annual Biz X Awards Gala. November 17, 2017 at St. Clair College Centre for the Arts with decor by Designs by Diane. Footage by Film Camp for Kids & Youth, supported by MANAN Media.


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