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2021 Ms. Galaxy Canada Natalie Bourgoin
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HAVE A CUP OF JOE WITH JOE – All Hail The Queen Natalie Bourgoin

This past summer, between August 20 to 23, the 2021 Galaxy Canada Pageant took place at the Novotel Toronto Vaughan Hotel.

What is a Galaxy Pageant you ask?

From their website:, “The ‘Mrs. Galaxy’, ‘Miss Galaxy’, ‘Ms. Galaxy’, and ‘Miss Teen Galaxy’ competitions are on track to rival the oldest and most prestigious international pageants in the industry today. The Galaxy International Pageant is recognized as one of the premier beauty and style competitions for women of all nations.”

The Galaxy Pageants have eight different age divisions with contestants ranging from six years old and up. Those competing in the ‘Miss’, ‘Ms.’ and ‘Mrs.’ categories are judged on: Photogenic: 15%, Interview: 25%, Swimwear: 20%, Fashion Wear: 20%, and Evening Gown: 20%.

Competing against 14 women from across Canada in the ‘Ms.’ category, 34 year old Natalie Bourgoin from Windsor, Ontario — a first time pageant contestant — was crowned 2021 “Ms. Galaxy Canada”. Her victory qualifies her for the 2022 Galaxy International Pageant to take place in the U.S., a pageant drawing current reigning Galaxy Queens from countries throughout the world.

Born in small town rural New Brunswick, Bourgoin’s family moved to Ontario when she was in grade two and settled in the Ruthven/Leamington area. She later joined the Canadian Armed Forces serving on both Canada’s east and west coasts in the Navy as a Sonar Operator from 2009 to 2013.

She reveals, “I always wanted to be in either the armed forces or become a cop. It was something feeding my tom-boy nature, which is quite ironic with me then winning the ‘Ms. Galaxy Canada’ title years later.”

After fulfilling her four year commitment with the Navy she left to pursue other life opportunities.

This attractive single mom of three children, ages five, seven and nine, currently resides in Lakeshore — but probably not for much longer.

She has a history of buying properties, renovating them herself and then flipping them for a profit.

Totally consumed with business and marketing endeavours, Bourgoin is the founder and CEO of Femme Fatale Parties Inc., an international direct sales company that specializes in couples’ enhancement products. The company grew internationally, but is now inactive as she pursues other business and philanthropic opportunities.

She also started up NextGen Massage Chairs, a direct sales business sourcing and selling massage chairs for half the price of retail. She marketed these chairs successfully at home shows across the country, before moving on to other things.

Bourgoin also ran an Airbnb from a cottage she has just recently sold, but continues her Airbnb activity with an isolated furnished room in her current home.

Wait, there’s more! She is a self-taught stock investor and has even started up a small home-based business for her children.

This gives her a good reason to brag as she states: “They have the same entrepreneurial drive I have, so they assist with daily chores and sales with Queen Bee Apiary, which we market through social media.”

Starting off with one hive, the business has grown to 11 hives.

“The bees are Ava, Liam and Noah’s babies” she laughs.

In recent times Bourgoin has started to transition from the business entrepreneurial arena into the philanthropic/advocacy arena.

She informs me: “Philanthropy is about 70% of who I am — since I was 16 years old I have been sponsoring various kids from various countries and doing things for the homeless for decades. I’ve been the kind of person who gives the shirt off my back.”

YQG Cares, a Canada not-for-profit registered in October 2020, is her most recent initiative.

Together with her two Co-directors, Lisa Valente and Jenny Duran, they formed this group.

Hopefully, as it’s based on a subscription model, it will generate funds for local issues such as homelessness, addiction, veterans, and a number of other social needs where the collective effort of the members in the community, using power in numbers, can assist a great many people. Fittingly so, the organization is a 2021 Biz X Award nominee in the category, “Exceptional Social Enterprise”.

According to Valente: “Natalie Bourgoin and I quickly became friends through our mutual passion advocating for our marginalized community, and our drive for being successful in business. I refer to her as a ‘powerhouse’ who continuously inspires; motivates, and supports me as a female entrepreneur . . . working together as board members for YQG Cares, I would describe us as ‘power of the pack’ — three women supporting the community and each other.”  

After my 50-minute interview with Bourgoin I was exhausted (in a good way) from learning about all the things this young woman has accomplished in her 34 years of life for herself, her children, and her community.

In this issue of Biz X magazine, where we celebrate the many worthy nominees and winners coming from local professionals, organizations and businesses who have done outstanding work for their community in the past year, it is appropriate that we congratulate Natalie Bourgoin, the 2021 “Ms. Galaxy Canada” Queen.

During the months to come she will use her Galaxy platform to advance their needs, as well as the important things she is doing with YQG Cares and her other advocacy and philanthropic efforts.

I am sure, like us, our readers cannot wait to see what transpires!

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