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Local Businesses Assist Autistic Child

All Aboard! Local Businesses Jump On The Train To Assist Autistic Child

Photo: Posing for a photo in April during the move back in time are some of the volunteer contractors on the newly constructed front deck; from left (back row): Pete Omen (Greenlight Homes & Design); Steven Valente (Valente Contracting and Greenlight Homes & Design); Enzo Bonitatibus (BMR); Jim Chute (Windsor Model Railroad Club); Romeo Danescu (DMM Property Maintenance); Nickolas Stojanovski (Greenlight Homes & Design); Matthew Gaudette (BMR); Adriano Shani (Adriano’s Painting); David Skillings (Valente Contracting and Greenlight Homes & Design); Chris Gillis ((BMR) and Rocco Cipparone (RPS Electric). In the front are: Joe Cozzetto (Valente Contracting) with Nicole and Dan Beaulieu.

All Aboard! Local Businesses Jump On The Train To Assist Autistic Child

This is one of the easiest articles I have written. To be more accurate, it is an article I have co-authored.

A while back we received at Biz X magazine an email from Dan Beaulieu, an employee of the Town of Amherstburg who has also done side work as a cement finisher for 20 years. He is married to Nicole and they have two wonderful children, Danica who is five and a half years old, and her big brother, Adrian, who is six and a half years old. The family lives in an older, modest ranch style home on Lesperance Road in Tecumseh — a home in need of some fixing up.

But, allow me to have Dan tell you more about the family. The following are excerpts from the email he sent to our Publisher Deborah Jones. In Dan’s words . . .

“I wanted to send you some information about a worldly deed by several local contractors and businesses toward a wonderful cause that cannot go unnoticed.

We are a family of a beautiful, smart and loving autistic boy. For lack of a better description, we have won the lottery…

Adrian was diagnosed with autism at two and half years of age. Like any parent would, we’ve done everything and then some to get him the help he needs over and above the government assistance provided.

We’ve changed his diet to one free of gluten, grain, casein and sugar. We incorporated a Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), in order to control gut health to help boost his immune system.
We’ve done hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the U.S., we’ve paid for additional therapy for apraxia, also in the U.S. He has ongoing weekly therapies for speech, music, chiropractic. He’s even on the two year long wait-list for a therapy dog.

I could go on and on with the different therapies, protocols, and supplements we’ve tried and will keep trying to get our non-verbal son to be the best he can be in order to one day give back to the community.

Studies have shown how critical early intervention is for these children in order for them to be self-sufficient in the future.

In following this approach, we have put ourselves and our home in a problematic position. Much of our income is earmarked for Adrian’s needs, leaving little left for the renovations the house needs.

Three months ago, angels showed up at our home. ​

Steven Valente, President of Valente Contracting Inc., a local contracting firm, along with Greenlight Homes And Design, made it their goal to help us out.​

This all started when I asked my friend, Joe Cozzetto from Valente Contracting — also known to my kids as “Uncle Joe” — to lend me a hand in doing some work in our unfinished basement. Little did I know that Joe would return to Valente and ask the bosses if the company could pitch in and help us.

Before long, they teamed up with local contractors and businesses to renovate our home. New plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, full finished basement, laundry room, soffit work outside, paint, trim, flooring, new deck, new landscaping and most impressive and important is a sensory room for Adrian — complete with a retro electric train set, one of Adrian’s greatest loves.

Above and beyond doesn’t even describe what they’ve done for our family. The cost of the materials is one thing, but donating their time and efforts is off the charts! It’s like we’re on the famous TV show ‘Extreme Home Makeover!’

Steve (Valente Contracting) and his crews have not only displayed their concern for us and their generosity, but have had a genuine desire of WANTING to be there and be a part of this! Such huge hearts! Every one of them.

These are amazing people, doing amazing things for their community! To quote the President of Valente Construction, ‘There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in the lives of people in this great community.’

I can honestly say, making a difference is such an understatement in my family’s eyes! Saying thank you a thousand times would not be enough!”— Dan and Nicole Beaulieu

Nicely written Dan. It is fantastic to see good things happen to good people like your family.

However, to be clear, the Beaulieu family is not unlike so many other families in our community.

Their struggles with medical needs are something experienced by far too many other families. They are just one of the fortunate families for whom Good Samaritans entered their life and gifted them with renovations exceeding $100,000. They will be forever grateful for the kindness and generosity of others.

On April 4, 2019 the family hosted a wonderful spread of food and drink for all those who contributed their time and efforts for this project. It was also the official unveiling of the new sensory room in the basement for Adrian — complete with his brand new model train set.

All the workers gathered in the basement for Adrian’s first reaction to his new sensory room and train set. His reaction and excitement was more than these burly contractors could handle — as they wiped tears from their eyes. This moment made all their efforts worthwhile.

The following is the list of contractors as supplied by Valente Contracting who pitched in (including Valente of course) to help make a young boy’s dreams come true — Greenlight Homes And Design; Syles Mechanical Services, Ltd.; BMR Windsor Building Centre; Enviro Disposal Service; Windsor Model Railroad Club; , Custom Concrete; , RPS Electric; Integrity Drywall Solutions; DMM Property Maintenance; Adriano’s Painting; Salia Tiling Company and Dust2Dawn Cleaning Services.

Let’s be sure to patronize these businesses for their impressive outreach to the Beaulieu family!

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