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Celebrating with the theme, “Proud to be Canadian,” the “19th Annual Biz X Awards Gala” was held at St. Clair College Centre for the Arts on November 18, 2016. Decor created by Diane Spencler Glover of Designs by Diane. Awards ceremony produced by Bigtime Presentations. Special thanks to John Groundwater and Emilio Carro of Manan Media in partnership with the Windsor Centre for Film & Digital Media for creating our awards highlight video



Who is going to be lucky enough to win a Biz X Award in 2017, our 20th year of publishing? This is your chance now to have your opinion count and help choose the leading businesses and organizations in the area! (Nomination form is located at bottom of this page.)

You may now nominate until noon on September 12 the businesses and people in Windsor Essex who you believe are the best in each of the categories listed and deserve to be recognized.

Using the form below please choose the category from the drop down menu and include as much information as you can. Please also include supporting evidence about your nominee.

Nominees will be made public on the Biz X website when voting commences September 13 at 9 a.m. and continues through to September 27,  when the polls close at 5 p.m.

Return to our site when the voting period begins and cast your vote for your choice to win the 2017 Biz X Award in each respective category.

Good luck to all area businesses and if you are lucky enough to be chosen the overall winner . . . you and three of your guests receive a complimentary invitation to the 20th annual “Biz X Awards Gala” (held November 17 at St. Clair College Centre For The Arts with decor by Designs by Diane); a plaque from The Trophy Boys in Windsor; a write-up in our Nov/Dec awards issue and will be declared #1 in their category.


  • Only businesses & people in the Windsor & Essex County region can be nominated. All nominees must be over 19 years of age.
  • Chains, franchises and non profits are not permitted (only in the PEOPLE section and category #22.) No media can be included.
  • Brackets following award category outline the award criteria and also include those that cannot participate.
  • Be certain that the company or individual you are nominating fits with the category’s criteria.
  • Nominate just ONE company/person per award category.
  • VOTING BEGINS 9 A.M. SEPT. 13 THROUGH TO SEPT. 27, 2017, 5 P.M.

Presenting the 2017 Biz X Awards Categories!

BUSINESS & SERVICE (*no chains/non-profits allowed)

1. Outstanding New Business Of 2017 (businesses that opened from September 1, 2016 to September 1, 2017) *No restaurants/food trucks or bars as they can participate in the Hospitality & Entertainment categories.

2. Remarkable Realtors Holding The Key To Success

(it’s a hot market out there so if you need to sell/buy a home or even a commercial property, which real estate firms are there for you? Consider: experience of team, marketing possibilities, supports the community etc.)*Must be the entire agency nominated, not a specific agent.

3. Elite Local Employment Agency (who to call when you require one perfect employee or 100! Criteria should include: specific industry expertise, access to qualified candidates, in-depth screening processes, good follow-up after the hire)

4. The Drywall Biz Who’s Name Is Written All Over It (drywall companies offering quality work completed by skilled employees for either residential, commercial or institutional projects)

5. It’s Always A Good Hair Day At This Salon (for all your hair care needs from colour to cut basically everything to let your hair down) *Must have a team of stylists as this focuses on a group and not just one Stylist.

6. Terrific Trucking Co. Which Goes The Distance (when you need large products shipped far away here is who to contact! Consider experience, reputation, on time delivery of goods, reasonable rates)

7. Fastest & Most Reliable Courier (offering the best service for those small packages or letters and is quick to handle last minute pickups) *Note large trucking firms who also are couriers can only be in #6 as #7 is reserved for small businesses.


8. 2017 Powerhouse Professional (a local business owner or top manager who has what it takes to keep the company/organization they own or work for profitable in today’s tough times)

9. Artist Of The Year (singer, painter, musician, sculptors, bands, actors only) *No authors, photographers or corporate entertainment businesses.

10. Dazzling Dentist (a caring dentist who keeps those pearly whites healthy and is trustworthy with good hours for all schedules and emergencies)

11. Marvellous Manicurist (he/she is sociable, practices good hygiene and has perfected the latest nail design trends)

12. Tip Top Server (an attentive waiter/waitress or bartender who is always pleasant, knows the menu items well and offers service with a smile to earn the big tip)

13. Most Loved Boss (if your boss is a true leader who empowers you and other employees to do their best and genuinely cares for you, let us know; nominees can be from any sized business or industry)

RETAIL (*no chains/non profits allowed)

14. The Best Little Retail Shop Of 2017 (open to all retailers with good prices, fantastic customer service and selection) *They must have a storefront, no on-line businesses please.

15. A Massage Made In Heaven (the spa/clinic for the ultimate relaxing massage or to ease neck/back pain; look for experience, training (RMT), effective communication skills)

16. Smokin’ Hot Vape Shop (as an alternative to cigarette smoking where to buy e-cigs and vaporizers; consider selection of vape juices, supplies in stock and that employees are knowledgeable about the products)

17. Finest Place for Business Attire (where men can buy top quality suits, dress pants or shirts to make a memorable fashion statement at important business meetings or galas)

18. Coolest Kids Clothes (a children’s shop with a large selection, numerous sizes, fair prices, friendly staff)

19. The Dealership Which Puts The Pedal To The Metal (the place to go to purchase a new or used car)

HOSPITALITY & ENTERTAINMENT (*no chains/non profits allowed; exception only #22)

20. Restaurant That’s Hot, Hot, Hot For 2017! (can be a new or an existing restaurant that offers exceptional cuisine, fair prices and has a unique, trendy atmosphere) *No food trucks or diners please as they are reserved for #21.

21. Good Ole Home Cooking (cafe, restaurant, diner or food truck etc. that serves up a meal just like mom!) *For this category and #20, you can only include your choice in one category, not both.

22. The Most Wonderful Event Of The Year (annual runs, golf tournaments, motorcycle rides etc., which take place for a limited time; if they fundraise for a charity, brownie points are given!) *Non profits and charities can participate as a special exception, however festivals and trade shows cannot.

23. The Great Escape Room (whether for a team building exercise or an outing with friends, this escape room company unlocks the door to adventure.)

24. The Tourist Centre Of Attraction (businesses to visit, which tourists and residents can enjoy like a winery, attending a themed tour, trampoline park, campground, golf course etc) *OLG establishments, municipality owned and events cannot participate, privately owned companies only please.

Please Review The Following Before Nominating

  • Only businesses/people located in Windsor Essex are eligible to win.
  • Nominees must be 19 years of age or older.
  • No chains or franchises are permitted except where noted.
  • Please check the criteria in brackets following each category to ensure business or individual is appropriate.
  • We reserve the right to move your nomination should it be placed in the wrong category.
  • You may only make one nomination per category.
  • Media outlets are excluded.

Biz X Awards Nomination Form

* denotes required field.

Categories #8 - #13 must include the professional's name AND the business they are associated with.

Answer anti-spam question, check reCAPTCHA and hit submit. If successful you will receive a confirmation email. If you don’t receive a confirmation email your nomination was not received.

Your contact information is required in the event we need to verify or require additional information about your nomination. Please see our privacy policy to view our commitment to your privacy.

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