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Significant Challenges Faced By Youth Today Podcast Episode

The 10th episode of WECAS’ podcast series, “Every Day Family Matters” has been released as of Sept. 13, 2022.

Joanna Conrad is the Executive Director of the Essex County Youth Diversion Program. You can hear Joanna speak with passion and candor about how her own life circumstances helped to shape the direction of the organization and its programs. She shares the most significant challenges faced by youth today including the “internet of everything” and offers hope for parents helping their youth to navigate through these unprecedented times.

Youth Diversion provides timely and effective prevention and intervention services to children and youth ages 6 to 18, Youth Diversion seeks to hold youth accountable for their actions while offering opportunities for them to address underlying issues contributing to their at-risk behaviour. Programs focus on assisting youth to develop self-respect, responsibility and appropriate problem-solving skills while empowering young children to create, maintain, and improve upon their decision-making in a positive way.

While this work is not easy, their mantra is simple  . . . “Strengthen Our Youth, Strengthen Their Future”.

Learn more about Youth Diversion’s Programs such as #KYPP and Rebound, also follow them on IG, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @YouthDiversion.

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