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Breaking Into 2017 – Youth Matters

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Breaking Into 2017

I was asked a HUGE question this past week,  “How can you help your readers reach their New Year’s goals? New year new you, right? I’d say leave the past behind and move into your future with no regrets. This year, I am doing just that. I have seen many posts on social media stating that they want to make 2017 a better year than the previous ones, how do you plan on doing that? Set goals. Short and long term and work towards bettering yourself everyday.  And here is how I plan on doing just that. 
I am a huge person for getting things done on time and before deadlines to ensure if there is any mistakes, I have time to clarify and fix them before the final portion is to be submitted. Now I’m not just referring to school, I am talking about work, family matters, dealing with friends and of course the natural drama that comes into play every once in a while. Making sure you’re on top of your game at all times is a great way to build not only a positive but a valued work ethic by those around you.  
When setting goals, it’s always best to picture the long term goal you aspire to reach than build the steps on how to achieve them. Short term goals are always easier to plan when you have something to work towards and getting there is never easy. Productivity and building upon your strengths is a way to engulf yourself into your goals and make them your priority. Your short term goals should be easily reachable but always challenges you to work outside of your comfort zone.  
Long term goals are always the hardest to set but give you something to work towards throughout your life. My personal long term goals are based off of bettering myself, breaking barriers into my career and continuing to further my passion of writing. These goals may seem effortless to some, but everyone experiences different opportunities that can either set back or enhance their chances of reaching their goals. I try to be more positive, more ambitious and think happy thoughts. As this may not always be easy, trying never hurt nobody. I plan to better myself in both a physical and mental sense through working out both my body and mind. I have been working out since the beginning of November and have seen improvements. I do have setbacks from time to time, but I always make time to work out whether its at the gym or at home. I am also mentally preparing myself for the future as I continue to read, write and make sure I am not stressing myself out over little things. 
Breaking barriers in order to be where you want in a career is extremely difficult. You have to know the right people, what to say and when to say it, as well as being ready for a challenge. When you’re young and want to achieve more than what someone your age would acquire, your past can really take a toll on how you are viewed within your workplace. Employers consistently check your social media accounts in order to decide if you are someone they would value on their team and bring them good business, or if your past would reflect negatively on their company. Note to my readers, make sure your social media is professional and always presents who you are because once you post a picture or a status it’s out there for everyone to see, FOREVER!
As for my writing, I developed a passion for writing when I was 14. Now being 18, I have grown from the old ‘roses are red’ poems to deep, authentic meanings behind hands, and freedom. I write a blog for my favorite local magazine and I’m constantly writing poetry in hopes of publishing my own book one day called “Youth Matters – Through The Eyes Of A Teen Herself”. 
To my readers: In the new year, set your goals and reach for your dreams. Take everyday to better yourself and never settle for less than what you deserve. Be the person you want to look back on in pictures and in newspaper and be able to say you did what you wanted to in your life. Move on from the unhealthy people and situations in your life and dream bigger than your own backyard. Make your mind wonder why you never took chance in the first place because once you start you won’t want to stop.