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RunningFlat and Chris Uszynski

Arms Bumanlag, Biz X magazine

I never thought I could do a 5k. I never was athletic or inclined to pursue the sport of running. This all changed when I met and became friends nine years ago with a talented and outgoing man, Chris Uszynski, when covering the early stages of the “World Alzheimer’s Day Run” for the local Alzheimer Society. It was a 100K run around the county raising money and awareness for the group.

Uszynski recalls how it all started with a personal connection to the group: “‘The Run For Heroes Marathon’ is named after my mother who is my hero, the primary caregiver for my father for 19.5 years with Alzheimer’s Disease. In formalizing the race into a full marathon, half, 10K and 5K I realized I needed to really be good at execution and understand how to be a better Race Organizer. Making that transition to be a Race Director is about education, passion and always trying to be the best at it.”
With the success of the Marathon, he took his passion for running and made RunningFlat what it is in 2016 — a name that coincides with fun, engaging races and events for the pro runner and the beginners who are stepping into the world of running.

arms bumanlag, Chris Uszynski
The Bumanlag family, Marissa, Vanessa, Kerri and Arms at the “Zombie Chase” with Chris Uszynski.

As a volunteer Race Director for the Alzheimer Society putting on “World Alzheimer’s Day Run For Heroes Marathon” Uszynski’s idea for running events started to grow. He describes how “We started to accumulate assets like the arch, clocks, timing rig, etc. and needed to keep the assets working. We always had a wish list of runs we wanted to produce theme wise: beer, wine, chocolate . . . you get the idea!”
So with no shortage on creativity and ideas for the runs what makes for a great event for people to participate in?

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