Content is King in Biz X magazine

Biz X magazine, Content is King in Biz X magazine

Our Secret Weapon Is Our Content…Once You Read An Issue, You’ll Be Addicted!

Here’s just a sample of  the content you’ll find on the pages of Biz X Magazine.

Feature stories – each issue explores a topic (the list of possibilities is endless) in great detail… it may be lifestyle, investigative or controversial. Other publications may be afraid to tackle negative issues, but we strive to give a realistic perspective of what is really going on in the economy and always try to offer solutions to help businesses overcome the obstacles.

Editorial Viewpoint focuses on the political gymnastics and taxation excesses of bureaucracies and governments and the column hopes to inform, educate and stimulate thought for those living in Windsor Essex.

Heard on the Street is a potpourri of facts, figures and occasional rumours of interest for business types to digest and spread around the water cooler.

Front Lines: Newsworthy events concerning important people, businesses and ideas.

Newsflash is a popular “good news” column about your business! Content consists of new businesses, staff promotions, expansions, additional services, awards, changes in location and more!

On The Mayor’s Mind: Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens writes this monthly article on topics of interest to the citizens of Windsor ranging from economic development and the budget to city services and sports tourism.

Biz X Was There Windsor and Detroit is often the reader’s favourite pick! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this photographic essay portrays all the great parties, openings, charity galas and more!

Dates to Remember keeps you informed on all the business events taking place and some fun stuff too! Be sure to send in your event information at least 6 weeks prior to the publication date.

Biz Of The Month may always be at the back of the book, but it goes by old adage, saving the best for last! It operates as a forum for outstanding businesses in the community to explain their success story.

Plus, there are professional columns on investments stocks and bonds (Portfolio Corner), marketing, health, home renovation tips (Ask The Experts) and book reviews (From the Bookshelf).

If you have content or a story you want to tell us about please Contact Us.

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