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To Give Up Your Seat or To Not Give Up Your Seat…

To Give Up Your Seat or To Not Give Up Your Seat...

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To Give Up Your Seat or To Not Give Up Your Seat…

This is a, what would you do situation.

As the years pass by, our younger generation is seeming to prove their lack of manners towards others. 

Early this week, I was riding public transit with my mother and sister. We got on a very packed bus as it was the time when high school students were just finishing their exams. What came next, was unexpected.

As many elderly woman and men offered their seats to those who came on the bus stop after stop, none of the high school students did.  

There is a problem when older people are offering for someone to sit and the younger continue to see more people stand. But this was not the issue.  

As there are only a limited amount of seats on the bus, we pushed back a bit to let more people upon the bus. I never thought I would have to ask students to please give up there seat to someone who really needed it.  

I was dumbfounded when I was told I was rude for asking a younger boy and girl to give up their seats for older people. Keep in mind, these students were about 15-17 years old. He then continued to tell me that I didn’t need the seat in the first place, but it wasn’t for me. On the bus was a pregnant woman, elderly men and woman (with walkers) and these were the people offering their seats!  

As the students, angrily moved to the back seats and some stood, many were able to sit and not be pushed together in the isles of the bus.  

I didn’t mind coming across the way I did as I found it extremely disrespectful for all these younger people sitting while those with walkers, pregnant and obviously above their age, were struggling to stand. 

Maybe it was the way I was raised, maybe they were just tired, but at the end of the day, I didn’t want to see someone fall and get hurt because they were standing on the bus. 

Many may say that if the student was their first, they are entitled to their seat. But if that were my grandmother or aunt, I would not want them standing on the bus. 

Now I ask, what would you do?