Happy Golden Jubilee To The Ciociaro Club

Happy Golden Jubilee To The Ciociaro Club
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    HAVE A CUP OF JOE WITH JOE – Happy Golden Jubilee To The Ciociaro Club

    During married life, many couples will reach milestones like their silver and golden anniversaries.

    These signify the love, commitment, effort and sacrifices the couples have made in their lives together. The same can be said of some institutions, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations when they too reach the 25 and 50 year mark of their existence.

    By now, if you have read this month’s magazine to this point, you are aware that Biz X magazine is celebrating its silver anniversary of publishing in Windsor Essex (and beyond). And we have shared the spotlight throughout 2022 with other local businesses and organizations achieving 25 year anniversaries in the Milestones column.

    The grand finale is in the edition you are reading right now, which highlights area businesses and non-profits, ranging from one year old to 50.

    For the purpose of my column here, I am writing about one great institution in particular — the Ciociaro Club — and its golden anniversary.

    In mid-September 2022 the Ciociaro Club, 3745 North Talbot Road, hosted over 1,250 guests for its 50th Anniversary Celebration. This was the largest banquet in the club’s 50 year history so it was fitting the first female President of the club, Anna Vozza (left), was on hand to welcome and introduce VIP guests such as the Mayor of Vicalvi, Italy, Mario Ferrera and his wife Maria. Photo courtesy of Dwayne St. John Photography.

    In 1972, a handful of individuals whose roots were from lower Lazio, Italy — and more precisely from “La Ciociaria” — embarked on a wonderful endeavour with the founding of the Ciociaro Club.

    According to current club President Anna Vozza: “Their purpose was to gather in friendship, foster social solidarity, and preserve the cultural identity of their homeland for future generations.”

    One year later, members decided to buy land on North Talbot Road and by 1975 plans were made for the construction of the first phase of the Club.

    The success of the Ciociaro Club has not come about casually. In fact, it is the result of the hard work and determination of a people whose history is counted in millennia.

    Today, the Club boasts a membership of nearly 1,800 people who feel great pride and satisfaction for having realized such a remarkable achievement.

    The Ciociaro Club has become one of Southwestern Ontario’s premiere banquet and event facilities. Featuring some of the finest food around, it supplies multiple rooms for events both large and small.

    For example, the In Honour of the Ones We Love Gala — also coincidentally celebrating a 25th anniversary — has become an annual event at the club along with many weddings, corporate functions and trade shows.

    For the sports minded, the Ciociaro Club’s spacious grounds include soccer pitches, softball diamonds, tennis courts, cycling paths, and inside bocce courts.

    On September 16, 2022 the club hosted over 1,250 guests for their 50th Anniversary Celebration. It was the largest banquet in the history of the club. Dignitaries from Canada and Italy, local politicians, members and special invited guests were in attendance.

    “As the first female President of the Ciociaro Club, I was truly honoured to be able to celebrate this momentous occasion and milestone of 50 years,” Vozza expresses. “We gathered to celebrate the culmination of a journey of passion, vision, and pride.”

    As the Ciociaro enters its next 50 years, it is mindful of changes needed to be made. Its age demographic has changed among the membership, and it has opened its doors to the wider community for event participation.

    They are also looking for more child-friendly activities to keep them engaged for the future of the club.

    Judging by the success of its first 50 years, we know the next 50 years are going to be amazing as well! Bravo!

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