Biz X Was There, Grill and Chill at D.o.C.K. 21

Grill and Chill at Dock 21 Harrow

The Grill and Chill Dinner Club met at D.o.C.K. 21 in Harrow for their May event.

Chef Willy and the staff at D.o.C.K. 21 put on YUMMY feast and the staff provided wonderful service, next time you’re in Harrow, we recommend you stop by!

At they go out of our way to make sure they use the freshest high quality ingredients possible. They are very proud to use local suppliers as much as they can and also want you to know that they butcher their own steaks and grind their own meat in house. They’re located at 21 King Street East in Harrow.

The Grill and Chill Dinner Club caters to 30+ yr olds who like to get out and try local, independent restaurants. The club meets monthly with most dinners including three courses for $20. You also get a chance to socialize, do a little food trivia and win prizes at every dinner. Membership is only $20 per year and is used to cover administration costs and prizes. Fun, Food, and Friends. If you would like to join the Grill and Chill Dinner Club please visit their Facebook page.

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