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Halloween – Then and Now

Halloween Then and Now

Photo: Ryker Girard photographed on Halloween 2015 as Chucky

Halloween – Then and Now

As a child, I would run up and down the streets in search for a house with a porch light on. This wasn’t hard to find as almost every house handed out candy and had their house displayed with outrageous decorations.

Bowls were filled to the top with mini Kit Kats and bags of chips. My pillowcase was full and became too heavy for me to carry so my dad would throw the full bag into the wagon and hands me another. I would come home after we made our rounds with probably three bags full of goodies.

Halloween isn’t what it used to be.

Nowadays, nobody has their porch lights on or wants to hand out candy. I’ve handed out candy the last two years and have had maybe 25 kids come to my door and most of them were 15-years-old and older. I found this sad as I live in a pretty busy neighbourhood with a high population of children.

Certain neighbourhoods would give out the biggest chocolate bars a kid could dream of and come home with pillow cases poured onto our living room floors. Now, my nephew was lucky to get about 20 little chocolates with a couple bags of chips. This isn’t half as bad as you would expect for a six year-old.

So many people are over having 18 year-olds coming to the door to get candy and personally, I tell them to get lost. Trick or treating is meant for the kids not for adults, I mean, isn’t it? The worst part is when they don’t dress up. If you come to my door in just a mask, you’re getting half a chocolate bar, not even the full chocolate bar. All jokes aside, I feel as if Halloween is slowly slipping away.

What are your thoughts on Halloween? Do you hand out candy? Do you draw a line at ages?

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