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Help Obliterate People’s Emptiness (HOPE)

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Help Obliterate People’s Emptiness (HOPE)

When people feel alone in this world and they feel like they don’t matter to anyone, is the worse feeling to have. They get depressed, they feel they are not important. Depression then starts to distort their thoughts and all of a sudden they have suicidal thoughts. Sometimes all they need is to feel acceptance, love and care.

According to world meters, there are 7.7 billion people in the world. And Millions of people are going through depression as I write this. Wherever you are in the part of the world you can help those in need just like in my part of the world I am helping those in need. Together we can all unite from a distance and help.

Every human being in this world has something to offer. No one deserves to feel alone and left out. People with suicidal thoughts DO NOT want to end their life. Instead; they are looking for hope and to be heard. They want to cope. They feel suicide is the only option left. We must not make that an option for them. In fact, let’s take that out of their mind all together.

About two years ago there was a young man that left a comment on YouTube. He was asking for help and advice. He was at the end of the rope. And he had a cry emoji. I am so glad that I found that comment and gave him my authentic and sincere advice. He was so happy because he said no one replies to his comments and I was the first.

That brought so much happiness to me that this kid felt care and importance and he promised me that he will not end his life and he since joined group counseling
To me this is what life is all about. To help others and sometimes be selfless. The world always needs help and contributions. They need your voice and actions.

If you know someone who is going through a hard time, then be there for them, listen to them, be empathetic, open minded and kind. People want to be understood. They feel nobody understands what they are going through. Their feelings are valid and should never be ignored. They are not striving for attention. They just want their pain to end.

Never ignore a cry for help. Never ignore people who are depressed or have suicidal thoughts. Please help them in any way you can. Even if it means directing them to the person who can. Just don’t ignore them.

Always give without expectations. If you give something to someone and expect something in return then that is not authentic love and care for the person you are trying to help. Giving like I noted, is selfless and beautiful. It shows you sincerely have the best interest at heart for the person you are helping.

There are other ways you can help a vast majority of people.

Offer free hugs and smiles.

Go in front of a mall and post a sigh that says free hugs – Sometimes people are having such a bad day and all they need is a hug to help them feel better. Hugs are powerful and it connects two souls together. Wow so euphoric and beautiful. Hugs send out positive energy between two people. Smiling is also very effective. It has the power to light up a room and change not only your mood but the mood of others that you are smiling at. Smiling is also a very attractive feature. So go ahead. Show the world them pearly whites.Combining a smile and a hug will make the person feel warm, loved, acknowledged and important.

Start Social media
Social media is a way to reach a wider audience especially Twitter. You can connect with anyone around the world and help.
You can join people who share the same passions you are about helping others. There are so many people that have depression on social media and they want to find hope.

Writing articles and blogs
– People are always looking for advice and help .They look for motivation and inspiration that can help change their life, they are looking for ways to be happier and get rid of their bad feelings.

Start a fundraiser in your area
Support mental health and Suicide awareness. Let others know that they are Not Alone and that help and resources are always available. Mental health should always be addressed.The people who have it should never blame themselves. It is not their fault. When people start to realize that it’s not the fault of the one who struggles, then they will judge less and accept more. They are not crazy.

Doing Volunteer work
To me Volunteers are priceless and are God’s angels that are helping those in need. Leave flyers around your area such as “You are Not Alone. “ “Support mental health.” “Stop the stigma of mental illness” “Suicide Awareness. Because every life matters.” Just take charge and the take initiative to start. Be creative and come up with your own ideas to send a message to people who are not depressed as well who are.

The thing is, people who are depressed need more positive than negative in their life. They see and hear about so much bad stuff happening in the world that it intensifies how bad they feel. Let’s give them hope that there is more good out there than bad.

Hope to me means, Help Obliterate People’s Emptiness. Make your part of the world feel happier because you are here. It does not cost you anything and the benefits are far greater for you and the person you are helping. Imagine how great you will feel when a person you helped is happier and feel like they do matter in this world. Imagine going to sleep thinking that you may have saved a human life. You would be blessed frequently by the Good Lord Himself.

There is always something you can do for this world. Helping others is doing God’s work and you will feel like you are living your life with a purpose. Helping others and making contributions to mental health is an invaluable gift. Even if it means changing one person’s life. Because helping any human life is what God’s Angels do.

God bless you and take care. Never give up. Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself. Be a Legend

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