Hey Yellowstone Fans! Windsor Has A New Famous “Neigh”bour

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Hey Yellowstone Fans! Windsor Has A New Famous “Neigh”bour

Until recently, I believed the most worldwide, recognizable country western celebrity to have lived in Windsor, Ontario has been Shania Twain.

Born August 28, 1965 at Windsor’s former Grace Hospital, Twain lived in Windsor for two years before her parents divorced and she and her mother moved to Timmins.

So, who do I believe now shares the podium with Twain as a worldwide, recognizable country & western celebrity to have lived in Windsor, Ontario? A few months old Red Roan stallion foal named Metallic Eyes, sired by Metallic Cat from Texas!

Metallic Cat is currently featured in the Paramount Network and Prime Video Yellowstone TV series starring Kevin Costner. The famous 15 year old quarter horse stallion appears in season four, episode nine.

Metallic Eyes now lives on a farm with 11 horses, a donkey named Huck and a miniature horse named, Little Mini Man. It is found within Windsor city boundaries in the Malden Road and Spring Garden area. (I guess you can have horses within city boundaries — just no “clucking chickens” . . . LOL).

The farm and the animals are owned by Cheryl A. Hodgkin, LL.B., who is in her 30th year of practicing Family and Matrimonial Law.

A graduate of the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law, she has the distinction of being the first University of Windsor graduate to clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa for her articling year. In this prestigious assignment she supplied valuable aid to The Honourable John Sopinka.

During her legal career, Hodgkin has been a sessional instructor at her Alma Mater’s Faculty of Law, worked as a part-time Crown Attorney, was a Committee Member of the Legal Aid Area Committee for Essex County, and served as Treasurer and thereafter President of the Essex County Family Law Lawyers’ Association.

She is a highly sought-after divorce and family lawyer. Her business, Cheryl A. Hodgkin Family Law Firm Professional Corporation, 518 Victoria Avenue in Windsor (HodgkinLaw.com) was recently voted the 2022 Top Choice Award for family law firm.

“When I work, I work really hard,” she states. “And when I play, I play really hard.”

This single parent of one is a cancer survivor and knows all too well about life’s unexpected challenges. Hodgkin attributes her relationship with her horses as a major reason for her defeating cancer.

“Horses are amazingly spiritual creatures” she believes. “They have this intuitive sense of knowing what’s happening with us and calmly reassure us that they will be there with us through it all, and all will be okay.”

And knowing this truth, Hodgkin has voluntarily visited some residents of The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County Inc. with her horses to offer them strength, solace, and comfort.

If being a lawyer is her vocation, her love affair with horses is her avocation.

It was while she was in her early teen years that she developed her equine passion. Her first horse, Gus, will always occupy a special spot in her heart — as first loves generally do.

She reflects: “I bought him with money earned from my paper route and from babysitting. I had to pay his board and clean the stalls too.”

For her 16th birthday she asked for and received a most untraditional “Sweet 16” present — a wheelbarrow!

Hodgkin is quick to point out that none of her teenage involvement with horses was handed to her. She worked hard for it. She had to ride her bike to where her horse was stabled, which was from the Town of Riverside to Huron Church Road — a two-hour round trip, at one point. A car and gas were out of the question. The same applied to her post-secondary education costs, they were paid by her.

Hodgkin not only owns horses, but also rides them in various competitions.

For example, she won a world title in the Super Pro division at the Extreme Cowboy Racing Association, in November 2020.

Jeff Damphouse of Jeff Damphouse Stables is a multiple world champion, cross discipline English/Western horse trainer, based in the Oklahoma City area. Here is his review of Hodgkin at the Extreme Cowboy Racing Association event: “Congrats to Cheryl Hodgkin and her special mare Lil Miss Rowdy, at the Extreme Cowboy Challenge at the Eastern Canadian Championship. I trained this mare for a couple of years and sold her to Cheryl, and she has been doing great with her ever since. Perfect match. Great ride Cheryl!”

Afterwards, Hodgkin went about breeding Lil Miss Rowdy through surrogate mares, and the result? Three healthy foals.

So, how did Metallic Eyes come to be?

This Red Roan (colour) stud colt is a direct descendent of Metallic Cat seen on the Yellowstone series.

Metallic Cat is owned by Texan oil and gas billionaire, businessperson, horseman, and part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, Robert “Bobby” Patton of Rocking P Ranch in Texas.

On the set of Yellowstone, pictured is a rear view of Metallic Cat prior to entering the arena shoot (with Debbie Roberts escorting). Photo courtesy of Kelsey Pecsek Hruska, Editorial Director at Quarter Horse News.

Hodgkin proudly brags that Metallic Eyes “is very showy and athletic like his father already!”

Yellowstone’s Metallic Cat’s stud fee is $10,000. According to the National Reined Cow Horse Association’s (NRCHA) sire earnings list, “Metallic Cat now sits at Number One. His offspring has cut, reined, and gone down the fence to the tune of more than $4,250,000.”

The American Museum & Natural History reports there are over 200 different horse breeds around the world today. It supports a mega billion-dollar industry for all their myriad of activities and competitions.

In writing this article, I thank Kelsey Pecsek Hruska, Editorial Director at Quarter Horse News (Texas) and Editor at NRHA Reiner (Oklahoma City) who supplied invaluable background and pictorial content.

I also thank Debbie Roberts, Owner of Spurs Equine Marketing & Promotions in Oregon for her assistance. She is the handler of Metallic Cat in the arena scene in Yellowstone (see accompanying photo).

And finally, I give a huge shout out to Windsor’s Cheryl Hodgkin for sharing her inspirational life story of a strong-willed survivor, fun-loving, professional woman who loves horses.

But most of all, I thank her for bringing Metallic Eyes to Windsor!

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