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Highbury Canco Leamington Increases Workforce by 85

Windsor News, Biz X magazine

Highbury Canco in Leamington announces the hiring of an additional 85 workers with skilled trades and manufacturing experience.

Highbury Canco workforce is now slightly more than 400 full time positions.

In addition to the workforce increase, the company also announced that they will be making tomato paste for the French’s  brand Ketchup. So all in all, a great beginning of 2016 for Leamington.

Highbury Canco rescued the 103 year old HJ Heinz plant a year following their closure in Leamington June 26, 2014 which left close to 740 full time and seasonal employees without work, in addition numerous farmers and suppliers.

Prior to Wednesday’s County Council Meeting our Joe McParland had a chance to chat with Leamington Mayor John Paterson on the recent hiring news.

Joe interviews Leamington Mayor John Paterson.

Story and interview by Joe McParland.

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