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“Home Sweet Home” With Brady Thrasher

Arms Bumanlag, Biz X magazine

For Brady Thrasher — real estate is in his blood.

One of the biggest challenges for me over the last two years is the never ending quest to finally put down some roots in this city and find a home. Having being a bachelor for a good portion of my career, I’ve never seriously considered a home in this area. I was perfectly content to stay in my condominium until whatever came next.

Life changes, time moves on and I now find myself trying to find my first actual house so I can start a family and begin the next chapter of my life. Easier said than done. I’ve jumped into this red hot real estate market locally and learned the ins and outs of finding a home in one of the hottest markets in Canada.

We decided to contact an individual who seemed to be enthusiastic, energetic and most importantly, determined to make this whole process a pleasant experience. We chose to call Brady Thrasher from RE/MAX Preferred Realty Ltd., Brokerage, 80 Sandwich Street South in Amherstburg.

“My mother was an agent at RE/MAX Preferred Realty Ltd., years back and she was very successful,” he explains. “I attended her open houses, and her showings. My father had MS and my mother looked after four kids,  was a caretaker and  . . . basically she was a super hero.”

He continues saying “I loved the idea of also helping a family locate their dream home and the fact that this job presents new challenges each day gives me, as a real estate agent, a more entrepreneurial role.”

In 2011, Brady wrote his exam to become a Realtor and then joined RE/MAX — however, the first few months were slow as he had to inform people that he was now in the  real estate field.

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  1. Thank you so much :) I’m humbled to be featured in this amazing publication by someone I absolutely admire. Thank you Arms and Kerri for having me and my team work for you, in both buying and selling your home. THANK YOU :)

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