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I Don’t See a Quitter…..I see YOU!

I Don’t See a Quitter…..I see YOU!

Ethan and Noah are two teenage brothers. Ethan is a master of the play station’s NHL 2019, while Ethan’s younger brother occasionally plays the game but is not as good or into it as much as Ethan is. One day Ethan and Noah faced each other in the game on an ordinary day. Ethan was Pittsburgh Penguins and Noah was Toronto Maple Leafs. It was a twenty minute period with three periods in the game. During the first period Ethan was leading 2-0 and later in the period Noah tied up the game and scored another goal with two minutes left in the first period. Noah was in the lead .Afraid that he might lose to his younger brother, Ethan stops the game and presses the quit button.

The game is done but Ethan may think that he was not beaten but he was for two reasons.

Firstly, because he quit the game and secondly, he quit the game when Noah was in the lead. You see, Ethan had a chance to win if he only realized that it was only the first period and he still had two more periods to go. Now he would never know if he could have still won that game because he quit.

There is a saying “Don’t quit before the miracle happens”. This is so true. Some people throw in the towel, forfeit and give up just when the miracle is not so far away. Quitting destroys those chances of grasping that miracle. You do not want to end up with “What if I could have done it.”

Nobody says life is easy. You and I both know that life can be pretty tough. Life has to have balance We need a little bit of challenge in our life to help us become stronger and overcome obstacles and adversity so we can improve and evolve as a human being. Without challenge, life can be boring and average. You have to surpass that average and challenge yourself to achieve greatness. Even if you are going through the worst you have to keep going. You must not surrender. That is the measure of a person’s strength.

Let’s not forget February 5th, 2017. The New England Patriots were down 28-3 against the Atlanta Falcons in the second quarter of the Super bowl. Did they quit? Did they say we have no chance? Did they put in less effort? The answer to those three questions is a NO! They believed that they still had 2 more quarters to go and that miracles are possible. So what did TOM BRADY and his team do? They scored 31 points from the 3rd quarter all the way through overtime to win the Super bowl 34-28 making this the greatest comeback in football history and Tom Brady’s amazing and remarkable career. This is by far one of the greatest examples to NEVER QUIT.

Michael Jordan failed over and over again and that is why he succeeded because he did not quit.

When you don’t quit your chances of winning and achieving anything you want are greater than if you just walk away. You are not a quitter. When you start something you have to finish it, even if you just started. If you are in the middle, just know that you are half way there and there is no point of turning back now. You are in the zone and you are not too far away now.

Being known as person who never quits says a lot about you. It is an admirable and courageous trait to have. It is like having a badge of honor given to you.OH YEAH! Quitting however is so easy to do and it does not measure any greatness of a man. It robs you of your potential and your great talents that you possess.

Just because you don’t see the reward does not mean it does not exist or can’t come to fruition. Of course it does and of course it can. If you are feeling tired take a break and do some meditation or yoga to ease your tension .Then get back in the game and continue.

You are unbeatable if you don’t quit, because how can you beat someone who does not know the meaning of I QUIT?

I am telling you the stronger you become the more you will be able to adapt to the pressure and struggle you face.

If life gets hard on me I look at my great heroes like Sylvester Stallone who had a life of struggles but with his persistence and perseverance, ROCKY was born and his success ensued thereafter. That is my motivation to succeed in anything I do and that is why I never quit. I crave challenges and I love working hard. My competition is myself and becoming better by the day.

There is a reason you started. So don’t quit. Do not listen to the naysayers who say it can’t be done. Anything is possible if you think for yourself and not let anybody do the thinking for you. If you feel you can do the impossible than do it but keep going .Accept the challenge and do it. Nothing comes easy because it must be earned. Being tenacious and having perseverance is always better than talent. Talent has its advantages but talent alone can’t reach you very far without the dedication and drive that come alone with it.

Remember this, the greater and harder your challenge is the greater your victory will be. It will be satisfying and there is a lot of pride that comes with it knowing that you actually went through it and you made it Wow! What a great feeling that feels like just thinking about it.

So my dear friend .Are you ready for this battle? This challenge is looking at you and it is going to throw everything in your way that you must dodge and keep running towards what you want. Are you ready for the sacrifice and effort you are about to give? If you are then ……..DON’T YOU QUIT

God bless you and take care. Never give up, Keep moving forward, Believe in yourself, Be a Legend.

Danny Gautama
Windsor, Ontario

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