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Jackson Browne Flyer – Joe McParland Responds

Jackson Browne Flyer - Joe McParland Responds

Flyer littering Windsor streets with offensive verbiage censored.

Jackson Browne Flyer – Joe McParland Responds

It’s not too often that the reporter of the news, is in the news himself.

This morning, Biz X magazine’s Joe McParland (Cup of Joe) made a discovery during his morning walk that was both disgusting and frightening.

Littering the ground of the 1500 block of Victoria where he resides were a couple of dozen flyers bearing the picture of Jackson Browne, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, who is playing tonight at the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor.

One of Joe’s neighbours was picking up the discarded flyers when he began to pick up flyers at a neighbour’s property near his home.  When Joe read the content of the flyer he was flabbergasted and sickened.

It was a xenophobic, homophobic attack on one of Joe’s favourite recording artists, as well as a direct death threat to shoot Browne “Right between the eyes.”

It is rare to find our Joe McParland speechless; but he was with this discovery.  He notified the authorities about this and scoured the neighbourhood to ensure there were no more flyers discarded that grade school children head to Queen Victoria School would find and bring along with them.

Joe has had tickets for tonight’s concert for a month and is still planning to use his ninth row seats to see Jackson Browne.  Joe says he hopes the authorities are able to discover the author of this flyer and bring them to justice.  In the meantime, he urges all residents with any information on this flyer to notify Windsor Police at 519 258-6111 or Crimestoppers at 519 258-8477

Watch Joe as he describes his discovery of the Jackson Browne flyer and his reaction and feeling to them.