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Johnny Depp Versus Amber Heard

As a Johnny Depp fan, I feel sorry for Amber Heard. Here’s why . . .

So, we have all heard by now, actor Johnny Depp has won the defamation case (April 11 to June 1, 2022) against his ex-spouse Amber Heard.

She has to pay $10 million in a settlement.

This case was publicized worldwide, so it would be hard not to hear about it. We all did.

When I heard the verdict, I was so pleased, because I like Johnny Depp. Just because he had demons does not mean he is demon. I believe he is a kind, generous and caring man. So I felt for him and the pain he had to go through. The Jury also felt that this was the right decision, as many did.

But, at the same time, I looked at Amber Heard and I saw the true sadness in her eyes upon hearing the verdict, when she gently placed her head down. It was that moment that I felt quite sorry for her. Sure I could have been like everyone else and made fun of her, but ultimately that is not me. I realized that no human being deserves to get that much hate in the world, just like Johnny Depp did not deserve what happened to him.

I have been a HUGE Johnny Depp Fan since the early ‘90s, long before Pirates of the Caribbean. And he is one of my favourite actors. The guy is awesome, gifted, and is one of the most versatile actors I have seen.
Donnie Brasco, Blow, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd, and Public Enemies are just some of my favourite movies of his.

I sincerely and most respectfully am a fan of him and his great work.
So, after watching some important parts of the trial, I decided to write this, based on my utmost unbiased opinion.

This is in NO way shape or form a way of knocking down Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. NOT ONE BIT.

First off, based on the trial, I had to agree with the jury that Johnny was the one who was emotionally and physically abused by Amber Heard.

His story was credible, consistent, and explained in great detail. And the one thing is he owned up to his mistakes and did not try to cover them up. Amber Heard did not take accountability for her actions
So, it is obvious that I have no problem with Mr. Johnny Depp. The problem is with some of the “fans” who are treating Amber Heard inhumanely.

As I mentioned, Johnny Depp took responsibility for his mistakes, which is what I admire about him. However, the fans seem to take his mistakes and put them under the rug by making excuses and justifying his behaviour.

She is a human being too, who not only lost the case, but lost her mother, can’t pay the settlement, and had to face online abuse and harassment from social media. They were saying some of the most disturbing things to her.

How can you call yourself a Johnny Depp fan when you want to take her baby and put her in a microwave? That person should be arrested. That is sick and disturbing. Johnny Depp would not wish that on anybody.

In addition, she had to face death threats, being harassed, not only going into court, but leaving court as well. She was continuously and frequently booed by supporters of Johnny Depp.

How do we think that is going to make a human being feel? What do you think calling her on “fake tears” is going to do to her mental health?
Everyone reacts differently through their emotional pain.

Nobody wants to face the kind of backlash that Amber has faced every single day. Yes, there are things that she may have done wrong, but that does not make her an evil person.

That is the kind of hate she is getting. Again, this is coming from me (a Johnny Depp fan who respects him).

I read that some people are demonizing her in memes and not taking her seriously.

When Johnny made those comments about her in texts and if someone else said those same words to, God forbid your family member, would you slide that under a rug?

But, because he is Johnny Depp, it is a different story, right? No. If Johnny can admit to it, then his fans who sincerely care would agree that he too had his share of faults.

I also can tell the truth with how I feel about what is right and what is wrong. And I believe both made mistakes in this.

The bottom line is the verdict has been reached, just leave them both alone. Let them both heal and move on. Johnny Depp is a good person and needs to heal. Amber Heard is also a good person who needs to heal.

She is already paying for her loss in this case. There is no need to keep adding fuel to the fire and make her feel more heartbroken. When there is unkindness in the world, I need to speak up. It is my duty being a mental health advocate who cares about people.

Remember to be mindful − making fun of people, not only in this case but in general, can have them internalize the pain they are going through. We all have a voice and a story that needs to be heard. Regardless whether Amber Heard was lying or not, there are people who are afraid to speak up because of this kind of negative online abuse.

The most important thing the world can do is to continue to move forward with kindness. Be a good person and never ever wish ill on other people. There is no point to hating and belittling another human being.

We are all in this world to help it grow with encouragement, love, and support. Let us continue to walk the path of being wonderful moral citizens.

God bless you and never give up.

Sincerely, Danny Gautama (The Fighter)

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