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Keep Calm and Move On

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Keep Calm and Move On

Let me tell you this, you’re going to face a world of decisions and challenges throughout your teenage years.

You’re going to fail so many times to the point you’re going to contemplate if you will ever get anything right. You’re going to make so many unchangeable mistakes that you’re going to wish you never even took the chances in the first place.

But I promise you, it will all be worth it.

I have made countless mistakes, lost and gained friends and more importantly I have found myself through it all. I figured out who was really there for me in my time of need and who I could truly count on. I fought through challenges that ultimately made me stronger and gave me the power to be the person I am today.

Move on from the toxic people in your life, that are only there when it’s convenient for them. Friend come and go, especially during your teenage years. You’re still trying to find yourself, still figuring out your career path, still fighting your parents because they’ve told you to clean your room for the fifth time this week. Move on from that boy or girl that you can’t just seem to get out of your head because you have your whole life to find the right person. It may seem like the end of the world at that point but they weren’t worth it and you’re worth so much more than waiting around for someone. So many things seem as if they are the end of the world right now but two or three weeks from now they won’t even be a thought.

Move on from that bad grade you got on a test two weeks ago. I know you’re still beating yourself up over it because you studied for hours and still didn’t get those answers correct. You’re not always going to get the highest mark in the class or know every answer to the question a teacher asks you. Laugh at your mistakes and give yourself the confidence to do better next time.

Move on and realize you can’t change the past. Yes, you said something you shouldn’t have, yeah that person may or may not have deserved it. Don’t dwell on things that you can’t change but move forward and make better choices next time. Mistakes may become permanent and that’s okay, this just gives you more time to think about what you did and learn how to do it properly next time around.

You need to keep calm and move on.