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Las Vegas Shootings Through A Young Canadian’s Eyes

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Las Vegas Shootings Through A Young Canadian’s Eyes

Devastation has hit so many people and places in the last couple months and it is definitely affecting people across the world.

As a younger generation is being hit by terrorist attacks at concerts and big events, many are losing their hope for safety. I feel as if nobody is safe and it’s horrible to think people have to worry at all times when they are out, rather than enjoying themselves and not be scared for their lives.

I personally have a friend who was supposed to go to Las Vegas in a couple weeks but cancelled her trip due to recent tragic events taking place after a shooting at a concert. Nobody wants to see their loved ones get hurt or be in that situation.

Edmonton, Las Vegas, London, Manchester, Paris and so many other places have been victimized by these attacks and many of which still remain unsolved.

Being an adult is these years where you are supposed to enjoy yourself and your freedom but nowadays I’m scared to leave my house. I couldn’t imagine what those affected are going through and I am heartbroken at the sight of all this devastation. I’ve seen so many Canadian’s affected by these acts around the world and it’s heartbreaking to have someone you love or know, or don’t even know taken away. An innocent life taken at the hands of evil.

What would you say to someone who was affected by these acts of terrorism?

To loved ones, communities, cities and towns, we want you to know that you are not alone and there is always people who are willing to reach out and provide you with the safety and hope you rightfully deserve.

Are you scared to go to mass gatherings or even the movies these days? Share your comments below.