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Local Biz Forecast – True North Home Services

Local Biz Report True North Home Services

Find True North With Your Kitchen –  True North Home Services

Home renovations are a big part of any home owner’s experience – from bathrooms to kitchens — renovations by True North Home Services can add value to your home.

There are many options for home owners to investigate and consider, especially if you are looking for a fresh take on your kitchen. One popular and cost effective method is to “re-spray” your kitchen. And one area company has the experience — from Toronto to right here in Windsor Essex — True North Home Services (TNHS) which continues to give new life to kitchens and fireplaces.

TNHS Owner Tracy Sauer sets the standard for Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painters & Finishers in Southwestern Ontario with quality long lasting, durable chip resistant, wood finishing work.

How did he get interested in this type of business?

Sauer tells me he “attended St. Clair College starting in 1982 in a two year program for a Furniture Technician where we learned the art of furniture building and wood finishing procedures.”

Years later, fast forward to present day and his business is going strong. It’s also a family owned and operated business, which is definitely headed on the right course for a long future.

Renovations can take time and can disrupt the flow of everyday life for families, however, True North Home Services promises to be quick and efficient.

“In most cases we can complete the in-home portion over two days, reducing the time you lose the use of your kitchen and the time having someone work in your home. Our process has us removing your doors, taking about an hour on one day and bringing them to our shop for spraying. We then book two days in your home where we arrive, prep and prime your cabinet trim, gables or  islands, returning the next day to complete the lacquering portion and cleaning up. We then return one to two days later and re-hang your doors and drawer fronts. The entire process, from acceptance of our quote to completion, usually takes between five to 15 days.” – TNHS Owner Tracy Sauer

With 30+ years in the furniture refinishing business, Sauer and his team have the edge in ensuring the best, longest lasting finish to meet their customer’s needs now and into the future.

“With high quality lacquers and modified Acrylic Urethanes available that are durable, moisture and chip resistant, the product we use is more flexible than paints; they expand and contract better along with the wood they are applied to,” Sauer claims.

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