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Local Family Receives Peace of Mind

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After A Devastating House Fire, Local Family Receives Peace of Mind

Fresh off being presented with a fifth consecutive Excellence in Community Service Award from Honeywell Security Group, Security ONE continues giving back to the community with a Christmas surprise.

We lost everything,” says home owner, Kyla Guardado, of Leamington. Earlier this year, the Guardados smelled smoke coming from the garage. “We weren’t able to put the fire out ourselves. We had to call 911,” she said.

The Guardados had already put their kids, aged 13 and 10, to bed. “It was hard to take,” she said, “our youngest didn’t understand why this had happened.”

Guardado says she now has a peace of mind she has been missing for most of the year. “Knowing that our family is safe is the best Christmas present we could ask for,” she recounted. “This means the world to us.”

Reacting to the amount of high profile home invasions and fires this year, Security ONE had invited the general public to nominate deserving families to receive a free Smart Home Security System. “We also included our 5 Diamond Certified monitoring, and our Total Connect app,” said Corey Robertson, Director of Marketing. “The app allows the Guardados to see the video cameras in real time, as well control the entire system from a smart phone or tablet.”

Robertson points out that public support for the idea was overwhelming. “We narrowed down the nominations to six finalists, and received hundreds of votes. We couldn’t be happier for the Guardao family. This going to give them back the peace of mind they have been missing for some time.”

In addition to arming doors and windows, Robertson says there are many other things a security system can do to protect your home and family. “Monitored smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors add an extra set of eyes and hears on your home when you are away.” He also points out that security systems can provide environmental protection as well. “Sump pumps, flood detectors and low temperature sensors are more ways a smart security system can protect your home.”

Robertson does add a few other tips to secure your home at this time of year. He advises not putting boxes from expensive electronic items out with the recycling, keeping Christmas presents out of plain view from windows, and says that you should never post a countdown to your vacation on Facebook or other social media sites. “Christmas should be a time of joy,” Robertson says. “The reality is there are people who will take advantage of that.”

Christmas for the Guardado family will be a lot more peaceful this year. “Having a home fire can happen to absolutely anybody, wherever you live, whoever you are” Guardado confessed. “We’re very appreciative of this.”