The Windsor International Film Festival features works from 17 local filmmakers as part of this year’s WIFF Local Shorts, but what makes this WIFF Local Shorts special, is twin brother and sister filmmakers, Luca Cunial and Gemma Eva Cunial are making their documentary debut with their film, From Napoli, with Love. The film is written and directed by Luca and produced by Gemma. 

The film introduces Luca –  who lives for pizza.

In an attempt to create a documentary about the cultural exchange between Neapolitan and Windsor pizza, the Covid-19 pandemic suddenly diminishes any hopes of flying to Italy and exploring their cultural background in their family’s hometown (and the

‘; birthplace of pizza), Napoli. With an infinite amount of free time, (and a hunger for pizza), the twins’ aim to save the documentary by talking with the best Neapolitan cuisine expert they know: their Nonna. Because of their Nonna’s presence, this film became more personal to them than they ever imagined; they learned that pizza was not only their favorite food, but a metaphor for love and togetherness within their family.

Gemma and Luca have been making movies together since high school and have continued creating films together throughout their university career even obtaining an MFA in Film & Media Arts.

They are currently working in the film industry in Toronto: Gemma as a Post-Production Producer at Flare BBDO Studio and Luca as an IATSE Camera Assistant on various TV and film sets.

The twins’ goal is to continue making films in Windsor-Essex along with their local crew members sharing their experience from their time spent in the film industry in Toronto.  

WIFF 2022 season has also been a big year for Gemma as she has worked on seven films screening at the festival this year, including producing roles on ResetBig Little ShowContinuumFrom Napoli, With Love, and Late Bloomer. She even had a production assistant role on Sarah Polley’s Women Talking.

Gemma and Luca also participated in WIFF’s 48 Hour Flick Fest; screening on November 4th at 8:30pm at the Capitol Theatre

From Napoli, with Love is starting its run in the film festival circuit; with WIFF as its world premiere. Catch the documentary on November 2 at 8:45 pm at the Capitol Theatre as part of WIFF Local Short 2. 

The documentary was partly funded by the City of Windsor’s Arts, Culture + Heritage Grant (ACHF).

To purchase tickets for WIFF Local Shorts 2, visit online.