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Step Things Up To Make 2022 Your Year

Okay my friends. Are you ready for the New Year?

“Yes Danny.”

Wait . . . what? My niece can yell louder than that.


Yeah that is what I want to hear!

So here we go, 2021 is in the past as we embark on a new beautiful year ahead.

“But Danny, with the pandemic going on, how do you know we are going to have a beautiful year?” Well I will tell you, my wonderful friends.

You have to stay optimistic!

Be Optimistic

Don’t start your New Year by saying things like, “This pandemic will never end. “ Or “We have to keep wearing a mask.” etc. When we talk like this, we are being negative and where does negativity get us? You are right, it gets us absolutely nowhere.

Although, yes the pandemic can be frustrating, but we don’t have to let it dim our sparkle or dampen our day, month and year.

We need to start off with an optimistic mindset. The power of your mind can create a powerful future.

First rule is “No Negativity” should obviously be on your New Year’s list. Do not let people or situations destroy your peace of mind.

Be Passionate

When you are passionate, you love something more than ever. When you love something more than ever, then you are on a happy and loving vibration. These are positive emotions. And remember, when we love something we do, we are likely to become successful at it. So find that passion for the New Year. What is something that sparks you? What is something that brings you joy? Don’t overthink it, just do it.

Stick With Your Goals

It is easy to miss your goals or have set-backs. Perhaps you hit the gym for a week and you found it too tiring, life happened, or whatever the situation. And the next thing you know, you quit. THERE IS NO QUITTING!

If you really want to do something, then you will find any way to do it. You do have the time; it’s just that you are not making it as part of your priority list. Setbacks are not a way of quitting but reassessing the situation and finding out that if one way doesn’t work, there are thousands of other ways that will.

Remember why you started this in the first place. Now stick with it to the end. There is no halfway stopping if you want success. So keep going.

Keep The Ball Rolling

If the world turns upside down, keep moving forward. I tell my followers that moving forward is a sign of winning, because regardless of what is happening, you won’t stop, you won’t surrender, and you are surpassing all the toxic negativity, thus leaving it behind where it deserves to be.

It feels good when we move forward, feeling indestructible to life’s greatest hits, people’s negativity, and to all the negative b.s. in the world.

If It Makes You Happy, Then Be My Guest

Having anything good and positive in our life, makes us feel positive. All I want you to focus on this year is your bubble of positivity.

Draw a picture of youself smiling and draw a bubble as if you are thinking about the happy things you can do. On a cue card, make a list in that bubble of the MOST important things that make you smile. And do more of it as much as you can. This is your bubble of positivity. So make sure you don’t have others try to burst it.

Focus On Kindness Every Day For Yourself And Others

Kindness will take you further along in life. It will help you live a more peaceful and fulfilling existence. It helps get rid of anger, stress, and can alleviate depression.

This year, continue to make kindness your headliner for the year. Let it represent what your 2022 is all about. This means everything you do throughout this year, will be done with kindness. And by the end of the year, I am more than sure you will be happier than when you left off.

Avoid Anything That Makes You Feel Uneasy, Anxious Or Depressed

Remember about the bubble. Avoid the news as much as you can, try not to watch those unsolved mysteries or gory movies that can affect your gentle mind.

If someone is not making you smile, it is okay to leave.

People are going to come in and with a snap of a finger will leave your life. You can’t hold on to them. You have to let go and continue to flourish and go forward with happiness, because you and your life have value.

We can’t stop negativity in this world, but that does not mean that we can’t create our very own positive environment.

Be With The Right People

Knowing when you are with the right people is easy. They are people who make you feel like you are a treasure. They are people who make you feel special, valued, and important. These are the gems and diamonds you need in your life.

Cut out toxic people. I have done this with past people and this opened up more room for the new people who were supportive and encouraging. It was like a breath of fresh air when I left the people who were not meant to be a part of my life. It was the best decision I made.

Take It Smoothly

The past is no longer your concern and the future is going to happen. So leave it to the future and don’t worry about it.

All I want you to do is focus on today. What are you doing right now that is making you smile?

Well, hopefully reading this article. I’ am just kidding. But, all joking aside, your present moment is creating your tomorrow.

Make 2022 Your Year

This year is yours and you are going to own it. Keep your thoughts and actions positive. Make 2022 the year of YOU.

You are going to make things happen. Do and be your absolute best self, because there is nothing and no one who is going to stop you.

Remember this . . .

  • If it hurts,
  • If you think you can’t cope,
  • If you think it’s too much,
  • If you think there is no hope,
  • If you think of quitting,

then let me remind you, that NOT one person broke you and NOT one problem destroyed you. So now ask yourself this. Who is winning? Exactly! You are!

God bless you and never give up.


Danny Gautama

(The Fighter)

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