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You’re Never Too Young for a Bucket List

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You’re Never Too Young for a Bucket List

You’re never too young for a bucket list, why not create a list of goals and future aspirations to give yourself the positive mindset of confidence. Everyone has things they want to achieve in life, so why not make a list and post it on your wall to remind you of what you’re working towards. I feel as if bucket lists make a person more productive and appreciate life more.

Having a bucket list helps a young person grow up and give him/her something to look forward to whether it be short or long term. Having goals to work towards can always push a person through difficult times in life and set them apart from others. A bucket list keeps the mind thinking on the why and how something can be achieved. This list can also assist with how a person views themselves as well as the people around them who can assist them with achieving their dreams.

Bring purpose into your life and travel outside of your comfort zone by testing the waters of the life in front of you.

Here is my personal bucket list I made a while ago to keep me striving for my goals. I crossed things off as I achieved them, which makes a great confidence booster! I want to live a meaningful and memorable life and accomplish what you believe you are destine to do in life in order to live life to the fullest.

  1. Graduate with honors
  2. Have a world pageant title
  3. Get my photography published
  4. Write for a magazine
  5. Own my own business
  6. Own my own non-profit organization
  7. Take a picture with the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  8. Write a book of poetry and have it published
  9. Swim with dolphins
  10. Write a book
  11. Own my own house
  12. Go to a concert
  13. Sleep on a trampoline
  14. Write something in wet cement
  15. Pet an elephant
  16. Be in the newspaper
  17. Ride in a gondola in Venice
  18. Go Scuba diving
  19. Float in the Dead Sea
  20. Get a tattoo
  21. Attend a same sex wedding
  22. Meet a world leader
  23. Adopt a child
  24. Be on stage at a concert
  25. Meet a band
  26. Walk the red carpet
  27. Grow old with the love of my life
  28. Laugh until I cry
  29. Be on the radio
  30. Donate blood
  31. Give a TED talk
  32. Write blogs for websites
  33. Have over 1k followers on social media
  34. Play an instrument
  35. Plant a tree
  36. Write a letter to my future self
  37. Travel outside of Canada
  38. Cook a 3 course meal
  39. Ride a train
  40. Visit a butterfly sanctuary
  41. Walk across Abbey Road in London
  42. Achieve my ideal weight
  43. Go horseback riding
  44. Speak at WE Day
  45. Do volunteer work
  46. Dance in the rain
  47. Experience a sunrise/sunset
  48. See the Northern Lights
  49. Speak publicly about mental health
  50. Love myself entirely

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Chelsea Girard
Chelsea Girard is a grade 12 student attending St. Joseph High School and an intern with Biz X learning all she needs to know about writing and the magazine biz. She is a passionate writer and strives to educate youth and parents on issues teens face in their everyday lives on her blog. Chelsea is also "Miss Teen United Nations 2015" and is dedicated to bringing awareness to her platform of Mental Health.