Connecting Virtually – New Alzheimer Society Fundraising Efforts

Alzheimer Society Fundraising Efforts

Cup of Joe – Connecting Virtually Serves A Purpose In New Alzheimer Society Fundraising Efforts

As with most organization’s annual events affected this year by COVID-19 restrictions, the Alzheimer Society of Windsor and Essex County (ASWE) has rebranded their traditional fall fundraiser, “Coffee Break” to “Social with a Purpose”.

The Windsor launch of “Social with a Purpose” took place on September 1, 2020 to coincide with “World Alzheimer’s Month”.

This is a do-it-yourself fundraiser promoting the importance of socializing, staying in touch and building a strong positive relationship with your friends, family, and community.

A “Social with a Purpose” fundraiser is hosted virtually and can be held anywhere and in any way, until November 30, 2020.

What are you doing to stay connected and come together during this time of physical distancing? Make your connections more special and meaningful by supporting people living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and their care partners who experience social isolation every day.

For example, turn your weekly online card game with friends or book club video chat, into a fundraiser. Be creative and add a game or task everyone can partake in during your call and highlight the importance that coming together can have by supporting others.

Have any special skills? Try hosting an online paint night or cooking class and ask for a donation! 

Don’t want to be the head chef?

They have you covered with easy to use digital kits to host your own “Social with a Purpose” fundraiser that you can invite your friends and family to join! 

Available digital kits include: a Paint Night; Sing-a-long Concert; Date Night with cooking lessons; Wine Tasting with your own Sommelier and Game Night where you can host a board game or card tournament with the family for ultimate bragging rights. 

However, there is one in-person component to “Social with a Purpose”. On October 11 and November 1, 2020 a yoga event, “Downward Dog for Dementia” is planned at the Alzheimer Society of Windsor, 2135 Richmond Street.

Shannon Van Watteghem-Levasseur, ASWE Community Engagement and Volunteer Coordinator emphasizes: “The donations raised by leaders of the various social events will be used to help cover the expenses of the local community’s social and recreation activities. The money raised locally, via pledge sheets, will stay local.”

The power of coming together and hosting a “Social with a Purpose” fundraiser will provide those living with dementia and their care partners needed social recreation programming. Social recreation programs have been proven to improve life quality and reduce isolation, something we have all experienced over the last few months with the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Your donations from “Social with a Purpose” go a long way to improve the quality of life for so many of our loved ones and friends.

For example, a fundraising donation of just $30 will allow a person living with dementia and their care partner to attend two sessions of “Minds in Motion” — a vital program that provides physical exercise, social interaction, and brain stimulation activities with other clients, volunteers, and staff. “Minds in Motion” has been offered virtually during the pandemic and is one example of the excellent work happening in social recreation at the Alzheimer Society.

In 2019 the “Coffee Break” campaign in Windsor Essex had 150 hosts and raised over $27,000. It is hoped this year’s “Social with a Purpose” will exceed this total and sponsors Biz X magazine, along with Colonial Coffee Co. Ltd. (, are doing their part as well to help make the fundraising goal become a reality!

As Van Watteghem-Levasseur reminds us: “Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia strike every community and consume entire families. No one should have to face this disease alone. Residents of Windsor and Essex County, show that you care by registering and fundraising for ‘Social with a Purpose’. This is a great reason to stay connected with those you love!”

To host your own “Social with a Purpose” fundraiser, visit online and click on the “Social with a Purpose” link. Upon registration you will immediately receive a customized web page with a unique link to share and promote your fundraiser.

So put your thinking cap on and come up with a creative idea of your own! Use this opportunity as the perfect excuse to get together virtually with your friends and family and raise a few bucks for a great charity.

Quick Facts

  • It is estimated 564,000 Canadians are living with dementia, with 7,850 persons over the age of 40 in Windsor and Essex County living with dementia.
  • In 15 years, this figure will increase by 66%, to 937,000.
  • For every person with dementia, one or more caregivers are providing care.
  • The Alzheimer Society of Windsor and Essex County provides programs and support services to help people with all forms of dementia, in addition to assisting their caregivers and families with living as well as they can.

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