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New Year’s Resolutions, Change with a Smile

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New Year’s Resolutions, Accept the Challenge and Change with a Smile

First, on behalf of all of us at Biz X Magazine, we hope you and your family had a great holiday and we extend our warm wishes and love to you and your family this new year.

For this edition of Youth Matters blog, I’m going to talk about the elephant in the room: New Year’s resolutions. We have all made them, but have you really stuck with yours? I won’t even try to remember my resolution from last year because I know I didn’t follow it. There is a list of endless possibilities to base your resolution off of, but don’t you want to do something realistic? That’s where I come in.

I believe every person can achieve what their heart desires if they set themselves up for success. There will always be bump in the roads but that’s what makes your goals worth more to work towards. Accept the challenge and charge with a smile.

Instead of making a resolution, I plan on setting multiple goals for myself this year and making my way through the smaller ones onto the bigger and so on.

For this year, I plan to write more blogs, adventure with my poetry and finish my young adult novel. Of course there is smaller goals in between those, but I plan to achieve all of them with an open mind and extreme dedication. School always comes first but that doesn’t mean I can’t study my heart out and love what I am doing at the same time. Set goals that you’re passionate about, they will seem more as rewards and not so much of a chore.

Make a priority list, give yourself something to work towards rather than always waiting for something to happen. Instead, make it happen. Tweet your favorite author, take pictures of your friends and post them on your wall, save the memories you make and build upon the relationships in your life. And my favorite, never take anything for granted. There are so many remarkable things in your life that go unnoticed because people are always busy and rushing through life to get to the next job or the next day. There’s a reason why people say “take time to smell the roses”. Stop rushing your life away and enjoy the life you’re living. Set goals and work towards them and you’ll live up to your expectations, not only for yourself, but for what you want to do in your life.

Make this year one to remember.