No Better Feeling Than HAPPINESS!


No Better Feeling Than HAPPINESS! (Stop feeling sorry for yourself and find your happiness.)

If you ever walk up to me and tell me that you are struggling with depression, here is what you will NOT hear from me….

“I feel so sorry for you my friend. I want you to stay comfortable for ever. It is okay. You are excused from doing anything. Just stay comfortable.”

Here is what you WILL hear from me…..

“I understand what you are going through champ. You are a tough warrior, who must have endured so much. Now it’s time to take the steps to get you better and move forward. What progress are you going to make today? Not tomorrow or next week …..TODAY? No more bad thoughts, but positive ACTIONS.”

If you want people to feel sorry for you or you feel sorry for yourself, then how is that helping you? It simply enables you not to not move forward. It gives you a reason to stay in your comfort place. It gives you a reason to not excel and be the GREAT person that you are meant to become.

When I lived in my comfort place with agoraphobia, I made every possible excuse in the book, not to improve my life. I did not want change. I was too “comfortable.” Days were passing, time was flying by and all the energy I could have used to improve my life and move forward, were being wasted feeling sorry for myself. Even some relatives used to excuse me by simply stating, “Danny has problems” I was living in a vicious cycle every day.

Having my breakthrough made me realize that whatever I was doing was not working. I was going nowhere in my life. No direction, no path.

I stopped making excuses and most importantly feeling sorry for myself. Feeling sorry for myself did not make me feel any better, but only in a safety blanket safe zone.
Today, I am happy and I am flourishing simply because I took risks and broke free from my comfort zone.

Here is another great example; I was driving down to Dr.Disc to grab a couple of CDs. (Yes, I still listen to CDs – LOL). I was at a red light and I noticed a man in a wheelchair. He had one arm and one leg. He was with someone. He had a great smile and he was laughing with the gentleman. Now, if he felt sorry for himself, he would stay at home and may have thought that he would be judged. But, not one bit. He looked like he was having the time of his life. Not one worry, not one concern. He did not let anything stop him from enjoying his time with his friend. What a champ!

I don’t want you to feel sorry for yourself, my friend. Your life has so much value and you have so much to offer this world. This is the trick depression tries to play. It wants you to not only feel bad about yourself, but it also does not want to see you succeed and be happy. Don’t give into it and give it the Power it does not rightfully deserve.

Just take the initiative and tell yourself that you want to get better. If you are trying to get better and it’s not working, then you must keep trying. If I did it, then why can’t you? We are both human beings.

I want you to step back and realize that your life, your happiness and your greatness all start when you TAKE CHARGE. When people feel sorry for you, don’t let them. Because you are not going to feel that way about yourself any longer. It‘s time to let these limitations go and start your new journey.

Your depression is not, nor will it ever be a sign of weakness. What you have gone through makes you one of the toughest people walking this earth. So continue to be tough. Now take the steps to persevere forward. You can only go higher from here.

Remember, thinking and feeling sorry for yourself has no action attached to it. It is just staying stagnant. There is no success and happiness about being stagnant. Taking steps requires action and progress. This is where you will find true success and happiness.

Break free from the mental prison that is creating the limitations that are hindering your potential. Accept the situation and do something about it.

The only thing you should feel sorry about is the depression, anxieties and fears you are about to ANNIHILATE.

Time to summon the courage and the strength and get ready to throw it into overdrive. Turn up the notch and go BEAST MODE.

All I ask is that you take one step forward, I don’t care how small the progress. Progress is progress. When you start to move forward, you may experience feeling uncomfortable. Don’t worry about that. Nothing will happen to you. You are making a positive transition in your life, which is going to help you grow and become the person who GOD intended you to be. It’s time to fulfill your purpose in this world. Moving forward means you are on the right track, right path and right direction.

If you have depression, then reach out to someone today. Be courageous. This is your life, so don’t worry about what others think.

If you have anxiety, then you MUST be willing to face your fears head on every day, until you become desensitized to it and the FEAR will quiver as you become stronger.

Your struggles want you to believe that you are average and little, and can never amount to anything. Let me ask you. Do you truly believe that bullcrap? The only thing that is average and little is the bully that is trying to invade your mind. Well, it is time to put an end to it.

So say Goodbye to all those worries, limitations, fears, challenges, struggles, depression, self pity and get ready to embark on the BADASS that you will become. YOUR GREATNESS is in your blood and veins and you will ROARRRRRR like the champion that you are. Let it be heard.

God bless you and take care. Never give up. Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself. Be a legend.

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Danny Gautama
Danny Gautama has been in the fitness industry over 25 years and is a local author. He writes inspirational and motivational articles for mental health organizations after overcoming his own struggles. In addition to Biz X magazine, he also has been a guest blogger for Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, and was featured in the Windsor Star. He currently lives in Windsor and is working on an inspirational book. Reach him by emailing: [email protected]