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“None of you cared, and neither did I.” – 13 Reasons Why

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“None of you cared, and neither did I.” – 13 Reasons Why 

The moral of the story is that people’s words hurt and can drive people in ways we may not to be possible. This show implies that suicide was the only way for Hannah’s voice to be heard. I believe suicide should never be the answer. 

I pushed myself through the last scene of the Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why, I could not watch the entire series. I felt this show displayed a huge amount of self-doubt but only some mental health awareness. 

The show was comprised of 13 reasons why she (Hannah) killed herself and it all comes down to the people who made her do it. This idea tore me to pieces. As I, and many have faced what Hannah went through, I felt they used the theme of suicide as a drama and played on the heartstrings of those who watched.

In articles and research conducted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and other suicide prevention organizations, “risk of additional suicides increases when the story explicitly describes the suicide method, uses dramatic/graphic headlines or images and repeated/extensive coverage sensationalizes or glamorizes a death.” 

I felt the series should have showed Hannah seeking professional help, her parents not being completely oblivious or Hannah trying to conform the people who hurt her. 

An exert from The Mighty  states “This is not to say the show and book are all bad. They get some things right, too. In particular, tackling rape culture and slut shaming was dealt with accurately. The scenes dealing with the assaults can be triggering, but it is not shown in the same graphic nature as Hannah’s suicide. The story acts as a warning and that moral of treating people well and being aware of how our words and actions affect others is a good one, I just think it gets muddled and lost at times.” 

I have yet to watch the entire series but I have read the book and to say the least, it is one-of-a-kind. For anyone struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, I pray you fight to find help.

Never let others bring you down and tell a trusted adult what is going on, suicide should never be the answer.