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Ordering Online is a Hard NO!

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Ordering Online is a Hard NO!

For many years, I jumped on the bandwagon of ordering online. Clothes, face products, anything that seemed “worth the money” I’ve come to tell you, always research before you buy.

The last few times I’ve purchased what I believe to be deals, were the opposite. 

A dress? Incredibly see-through. Some weight- loss pills? Let’s charge you for an extra kit you didn’t ask for and take out $140 from your bank because why not?

Don’t even get me started on websites that take months to send you the products. My mom is still waiting for some wall decals and it’s been almost 6 months. 

Now why do people keep ordering online you may ask? Well, I constantly think that maybe the website just had a fault or it’s a one-time occurrence. WRONG. I think I’ve had maybe 25% of my online order products come in on time, in the right condition, or what I wanted.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered something and it literally took years to come than when it does come it’s like Christmas because I don’t remember ordering it. It’s like a surprise yet when they send you the product it’s either damaged or not what you asked for.

Free trials are never free. They will try to get every drop of money out of you and without reading the fine print, they will charge you and arm and leg for more products because you “have to have this”.  Even when saying no, they will STILL charge your card because well, people are horrible!

Research the products before you purchase them. What are other people saying about the product? Is this someone you desperately need? Always think before you buy.

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