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Patrick Brown – Leading People with a Guarantee

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Patrick Brown – Leading People with a Guarantee

Patrick Brown spoke at the Windsor –Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce AGM, laying out his policy or the “People’s Guarantee”. His main goal is to get known throughout the province, as his recognition as Leader of the Ontario PC Party and official Leader of the Opposition (since 2015) could use a boost. Similar to Jagmeet Singh they are both under 40 and both lived in Windsor. Brown attended the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor (the same University as his father and sister).

While at Law school he received the Prime Ministers Award and was destined for politics early on getting involved as a youth. His father was a NDP candidate and his uncle, Joe Tascona was a PC –MPP in the Mike Harris Government. Brown aligns himself to politicians like Bill Davis as a role model/mentor. He worked for Magna in the legal department and is an entrepreneur and partial owner of Hooligans. Although he owns a bar his drink of choice is diet coke and non-alcoholic beverages preferring to always stay sharp, focused and ready to work.

Patrick Brown in Windsor laying out his policy or the “People’s Guarantee.”

What is included in the promise – cutting middle-class income taxes 22.5 per cent within four years; 12 per cent more off hydro bills; refund up to 75 per cent of child-care costs for lower-income households; $1.9 billion over 10 years for mental health care; 15,000 new nursing home beds within five years and $5 billion for new subways in Toronto. These are quite lofty goals considering the current debt in Ontario which he told the media he was going to cut by 1 billion using savings from the current slush fund and trimming government waste.

Brown can be found at his desk till midnight and is known for his work ethic and drive. He has good relationships with diverse communities and was named honorary citizen of Gujarsat by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

What does he do in his spare time to unwind – play hockey, run marathons, watch Stranger Things and meet up with old friends not interested in discussing politics. Perhaps even have some time to look for a wife as he promised his grandmother to put that on the agenda by 40 which is fast approaching.

What does he promise for Windsor, when I asked him about keeping the new influx of money for STEM education and funding programs such as Build A Dream to increase opportunities for skilled labour, he was quite supportive? It’s also full steam ahead with the new hospital and he says Windsor needs to determine what will work best for our hospital.

What I found most intriguing was his promise to support any party that puts forth a good idea? Imagine politicians not fighting every bill and idea outside of their party and putting people over party now that would be something to watch.

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