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Who will be the President of our Minds?

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Who will be the President of our Minds?

Good evening my name is Danny Gautama. Welcome to the 2020 race for president of our minds.

The candidates are in position, so we will get started. I am going to ask a series of questions to both depression and happiness. Each of you have one minute to give an answer.

I will start with depression.

Why do you think you are more qualified to take over the world?

Depression: Well Danny boy, I want to start off by saying, I have so many people following me. I mean so many people are depressed. They just love to be depressed. I want to make sure that each and everyone in this world is depressed. They listen to me they believe everything I tell them .They just love me. They don’t want to be happy. They want to be depressed. So I try to give them what they want. People should thank me for this. I am just great.

Danny Gautama: Happiness…. your statement Sir.

Happiness:-Thank you Danny. Unlike depression, I have only the best intentions for the people. I want them to realize that depression does not have to live in our minds and that I am here to help them and ensure they live their best lives possible. I want them to smile, laugh and enjoy every moments in their life. Moments that will be remembered for years to come. I want to work with the great people and vice versa to promote peace and prosperity. If we work as a team, depression can be eliminated and anger and violence will significantly decrease. I am very qualified to make this work and make a world a better place. The people just have to believe that I exist and they can live within me. Thank you (CROWD APPLAUSE)

Danny Gautama: Thank you happiness .

Question number 2. I want you to tell me why your opponent should not take over the world?

We will start with depression.

Depression: I mean who wants to be happy. Happiness is boring. Please give me a break. This is B.S and total nonsense. Happiness is overrated. It has no value. I need to save these people from being happy .I want them to come to my side. They will thank me. People love to be depressed. Like I said, look how many people are following me and those I have impacted. Happiness should be eliminated and let me lead the way.

Danny Gautama: Happiness…. Go ahead Sir.

Happiness: – I strongly disagree with depression. Nobody want s to be depressed. The thing is depression has cast an evil spell on these amazing people, that have them believing all the false and irrational things about them and the circumstances or obstacles they face. I want the people to get away from depression. Depression doesn’t care about people. It just wants you to be miserable while it reaps all the benefits. Depression has a tremendous history of lying to the people. It along with the vice president candidate Anxiety wants you to stay small. It does not want you to have any personal growth. They don’t want you to take risks or think big. Because in order to reach success we must just do that. We must think big and take risks. Depression is not fit to be the president of our minds. It is corrupt and adds no value to this world. It’s like a thief who steals from you. It pockets everything and leaves you feeling empty in your pockets. Depression does the exact same thing, except it steals a part of your life and leaves you with an empty feeling in our mind. Depression said earlier, that so many people are following it. Well that’s a big misconception. They are not following you. I believe they are trying to unfollow you but you have such as strong hold on them .I will help them break free with the help of the people. Thank you (CROWD APPLAUSE)

Danny Gautama: Thank you Happiness.

Question number 3. If there was no Happiness how would the world be? Go ahead depression

Depression: It’s quite simple the world would end. As it should. I am trying to make that happen. There is some that are happy but I will change their minds. My short term goal is to make them more depressed .My long term goal is, I want the world to wipe out of existence. I am doing them a favour. There is no hope.

Danny Gautama: – Happiness if there were no Depression. What would the world be like?

Happiness: Thank you Danny. First I want to say there goes another one of many lies that depression just told us. (Facing depression as happiness continues to speak) You love to watch them suffer. You make them believe that hope doesn’t exist but hope does and when we have hope for something we feel the need to continue. Hope is real. Anyway, to get back to Danny’s question without depression what would the world be like? The world will be just perfect, but in reality, there will always be some kind of sadness in our life. But that’s okay. People will be sad at times in their life. But the power to move through that makes us better, stronger and wiser individuals. We can still live a happy life even if there is sadness at times or dare I say depression. The point is not to let it consume you. Let whatever makes you feel good consume you. That is where I come in. (CROWD APPLAUSE)

Danny Gautama Question number 4. What are your true beliefs that you want to inspire in others?

Depression- I believe in the power of me that’s it. I believe in me and people should be inspired.

Happiness- (Shaking it’s head at depression’s comment) I believe in every powerful affirmation in this world. I believe in positive thoughts and positive actions. This brings me into fruition and can really keep me in your mind. I believe in beautiful thoughts that make me feel like I am lying down in the middle of a golf course and there are all trees around me and the cool wind blowing toward me. It is quiet and peaceful. My eyes are closed and. You can see a big smile on my face. This is how our minds should be. I want to implement this feeling in each and every one of you. (CROWD APPLAUSE)

Danny Gautama:-Okay I will give you both the opportunity to address the crowd and the people reading this at home. Give them your final statement
Depression: Well folks. You need me .We need each other. I make you all feel bad because in a weird way I care. You have to trust me. I want to help me, um ….I mean you. I say you are worthless because it is true. I say you are never going to be happy because it’s true. I tell you things will never get better because they won’t. I want you to accept that. It’s okay though. Let me continue to live in your mind .I am your best friend. I will protect you.

Happiness: Any wise person reading this will disregard the horrible obnoxious irrational false pathetic things that depression said. Depression and anxiety are only for themselves. Remember the thief example I used.

My friends you have to know this depression is inferior to you. This is true.

Depression: Oh c’mon

Danny Gautama:-You had a chance to speak. Now let happiness speak. Go ahead Sir. Please continue

Happiness: Thank you Danny. As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, is that depression is inferior. It has no life. It just wants to destroy you not help you. It has no morals. It is like a villain who wants to destroy the earth and I want to be your hero to stop it from doing that.

Let me ask the crowd and the readers this. If you are depressed, how do you truly feel? How do you feel physically and mentally? Let me answer that for you .Not good right? You feel like it’s a task to get up in the morning. Your body aches. You have no energy, no inspiration and feel no motivation. Your mind is in a dark place filled with dark and disturbing thoughts. You blame yourself or others for the way you feel. You lose hope, you are unkind to yourself, you cry frequently and go through different emotions or you may have no emotions feel numb. How is that living my friends? Please tell me how? This is depression living inside of you. Do you really want to live like this and feel this way for the rest of your life?

Now on the flip side coin, imagine you waking up filled with joy, positive emotions like loving, affection, Imagine waking up happy to be alive and being able to breath .Embracing and ready to conquer the day. Hearing the birds sing to you looking at the sun on a beautiful day Being grateful and showing gratitude, being kind to others ,helping others, making personal improvements in your life, setting goals, no worries no cares in the world. Just your free self. Now I ask how do you feel physically and mentally? Again, let me answer that. Good right? This is me living in your mind. You must believe that every feeling you feel that is positive that is me reinforcing it on you. You must start with yourself. Look deep within you and truly ask yourself, why would you want anything that does not feel good consume your life and makes you feel uncomfortable on so many levels? You have a choice to either feel good or bad? But the majority would rather choose good. Destroy depression my friend and don’t let it take over your mind for another 4 year term. It can end now. I can live in your mind and we can face all obstacles that come in your way without losing. Even if you get sad, I will still be there waiting for you and throw in some positive thoughts but you must stay with me in order to. I only want the best for you. I want you to live the most beautiful, healthy happy successful life. Depression will not consume you anymore. I know that you won’t let it. Please do not go another day listening to the absurd things that depression tells you. Remeber what I said DEPRESSION IS INFERIOR TO YOU. It feels good making you feel bad. Now let’s make depression feel bad and then let’s destroy it.

JUST IMAGINE MY FRIEND……. IMAGINE ME IN YOUR LIFE. Let me live in your mind and let’s make not only the next 4 years great but many more years to follow. I thank you.

Crowd big applause. Depression sulks and starts to be depressed.

After the votes all around the world THE PRESIDENT OF OUR MINDS ……………………….HAPPINESS!!!!!

The End

Never give up. Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself. Be a legend.
Sincerely, Danny Gautama Windsor, Ontario
[email protected]

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